Max Ammann

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Hitler and his dog Fuchsl, Ernest Schmidt, Max Ammann

Max Ammann (also Amman and Amann), (1891-1957) came to know Adolf Hitler as his sergeant and company clerk in World War I, and was an early member of the Nazi Party, serving in various administrative roles. Ammann was a member of the occult Thule Society. He was with Hitler in the Beer Hall Putsch and served time with in Landsberg Prison.

Ammann was one of Hitler's early Bavarian associates, and was disliked by the Northern faction and by Gregor Strasser. In 1921, he became the business manager for the Party. Hitler later put him in charge of publishing for the Party, which brought him considerable wealth. He held the high rank of Reichsleiter in the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party.

He became president of the Reich Association of German Newspaper Publishers, establishing Nazi control over the industry, and reaping very large financial rewards, and was publisher of the Völkischer Beobachter newspaper.

A German denazification court convicted him of involvement in the regime, and he served part of a ten-year sentence.[1]

1996 Office of Strategic Services reports indicate he may have opened numerous Swiss bank accounts for the Nazis:" is quite possible that Hitler's foreign exchange revenues from his book and foreign exchange revenues of the Nazi party abroad are held at this Swiss bank in Ammann's name." [2]


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