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Matthew Dallman (b. 1974) is an American artist (in music, poetry) and aesthetics scholar whose essays and personal blog are among the most widely read of the integral movement. He explores ideas within the realm of art. These include integral as "a living tradition of imaginative fullness through the ages", art as transdisciplinary field, what "postconventional" art means, as well as "artistry studies", an area of academic study that Dallman himself has founded. Dallman describes his aesthetics as having been influenced by Camille Paglia, Marshall McLuhan, John Dewey, Norman O. Brown, and Mortimer Adler. He is recognized in the 2007 Marquis' Who's Who in America, as well as IMDB, for his work scoring the independent film A Whirling Tango.

Notably, in over 30 essays to date, Dallman argues that immersion in the primary sources of cultural achievement from a Western (as well as global point of view), the humanities, the great ideas (or Syntopicon), the Great Conversation through the ages, as well as a life well-lived, makes for sustainability in the art world, and a path for artists to restore the arts to their primary role in the public imagination. He rejects the view that making resonant art requires "theory" of any kind, including those of the Frankfurt School, and French post-structuralism.

He is the founder and editor in chief of POLYSEMY, a journal for working artists.

Dallman was formerly a director of Integral University's Integral Art Center. His paper "An Integral Art Manifesto" was one of eleven used in the IU's first course ever offered, a partnership between IU and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. But Dallman broke with Ken Wilber and Wilber's movement for various reasons. He has released several independent albums, and is a film composer for independent films. His music has been performed in various venues in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Boston, New York City, Boulder, and Chicago. A composition for marimba is the soundtrack to the film, A Whirling Tango, directed by Hannah Dallman. It was an Official Selection of the 2005 Chicago International Film Festival, as well as other festivals. His composition teacher is W. A. Mathieu. His poetry teachers were Carter Revard and Yusef Komunyakaa.