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|Atomic symbol|Atomic number|Atomic mass|Standard phase|Molar mass|Elemental Class|Molecular formula|Electron configuration|group|period|block|Appearance|Electronegativity|Electrons per shell|Density|Specific gravity|Molar volume|Melting point|Boiling point|Critical point|Triple point|Heat of fusion|Heat of vaporization|Heat capacity|Decomposition temperature|Vapor pressure|Vapor pressure comment|Crystal structure|Oxidation states|1st ionization energy|2nd ionization energy|3rd ionization energy|Atomic radius|Atomic radius (calc.)|Covalent radius|Van der Waals radius|Magnetic ordering|Electrical resistivity|Thermal conductivity|Thermal diffusivity|Thermal expansion|Speed of sound|Young's modulus|Shear modulus|Bulk modulus|Poisson ratio|Mohs hardness|Vickers hardness|Brinell hardness|CAS number|