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M939 5-ton truck

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Intermediate in capacity between the U.S. Army's High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) and the Heavy Expandied Mobility Tactical Truck, the M939 5-ton truck has been one of the basic Army logistical vehicles, replacing the M809 series. It has 6 wheels, a range of approximaely 550miles/880 kilometer, and can tow a trailer carring 20,000 pounds/9000 kg.

Introduced in 1989, most recent production versiom, the M939A2, has a centralized tire inflation system that allows tire pressure to be set for best performance for ground conditions.

Variants include:

The family is optimized for off-road operation, and continues to undergo modifications to reduce the accident rate on paved roads. There is a desire to replace the aging series, either with a HEMTT derivative or, especially in the Marine Corps, the Oshkosh Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement. Financial constraints have limited progress on replacement.