M134 machine gun

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The Dillon M-134 Gatling gun is a six barreled belt-fed rotating-barrel machine gun that fires 7.62mm bullets and is capable of firing 3000 rounds per minute. Because of the multiple barrels, the weapon, can fire longer bursts and use firing rates faster than those of a single barrel machine gun. It is derived from the M61 Vulcan, which fired 20mm autocannon rounds.

It is an alternative to the belt-fed single-barrel 7.62mm M240 (machine gun), which is primarily a vehicle mounted weapon. It is also an alternative to the heavier, also belt-fed and single-barrel, .50 caliber M2 (machine gun), for situations in which a higher rate of fire can compensate for the lighter bullet.

It has been selectively replacing both the M240 and M2 in U.S. Army and [[NATO[[ vehicle applications, as well as in United States Navy ship protection against boats and swimmers, and for special operations forces. As an aircraft weapon in a remotely operated turret, it has been selected for the V-22 Osprey by BAE Systems.

Heavier autocannon, such as the GAU-8, have a different role.