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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Led Zeppelin II.

Release history

Country Date Label Format Catalogue Notes
US 1969 Atlantic Records LP SD 8236 Gatefold cover
UK 1969 Atlantic Records LP 588198 Gatefold cover
Germany 1969 Atlantic Records LP ATL 40 037
US 1977 Atlantic Records LP SD 19127 Reissue
Germany 1985 Atlantic Records CD 7567-81526-2
Japan 1997 Atlantic Records CD (replica sleeve) AMCY-2432
Germany 2003 Warner Music CD (replica sleeve) 7567 82632 5 WPCR-11612
Japan 2003 Warner Music CD (replica sleeve) WPCR-11612 Limited edition digital remaster, lyric booklet
Japan 2005 Warner Music CD WPCR-75002
Japan 2008 Warner Music SHM-CD WPCR-13131
Japan 2009 Warner Music SHM-CD (reissue) WPCR-13606


  • Atlantic SD 8236: Early first pressings with RL both sides, cut by Robert Ludwig.
  • In December 1973, the 1841 Broadway address on the cover changed to 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY.
  • Barcodes appeared on the rear covers in 1982.