Led Zeppelin: The Concert File

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Led Zeppelin: The Concert File
Author Dave Lewis with Simon Pallett
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Led Zeppelin
Genre Music reference
Publisher Omnibus Press
Published May 1997
Pages 176
ISBN 9780711953079
OCLC 37203958

Led Zeppelin: The Concert File is a non-fiction book written by English author Dave Lewis with music collector Simon Pallett. First published by Omnibus Press in 1997, the reference book has since been revised and expanded in 2005. The Concert File is one of the first books to document the day to day live concert history of English rock band Led Zeppelin, from their first performances in 1968 through to 1980, and their later reunion appearances. The working name and initial printing of the book was titled Led Zeppelin: The Concert Documentary.


The genesis of the book originated with the UK publication Tight but Loose, edited by Dave Lewis, in the 1990s. Apart from Howard Mylett's On Tour with Led Zeppelin, published in 1993, there had been no significant attention paid to the band's concert history. Source material was collected from press clippings, Simon Pallett's personal collection, the TBL archive, and input from contributors including associates of the band. Former manager Peter Grant also provided information to the book via two interviews conducted with Lewis in June and October 1993, shortly before his death in 1995. The Concert File is dedicated to Grant. Omnibus Press' Editor-in-Chief, Chris Charlesworth, moderated the text but overall Lewis and Pallett had total control in terms of the content.[1] Designer Mike Warry assisted the writers with the selection of photos and general book layout. The launch of the Concert File was covered in a nine page special preview by Record Collector magazine, in 1997.

The first edition contained over 176 pages, covering over 500 concerts from around the world. This book examines the Led Zeppelin history chronologically from their beginnings on the London club scene, through the ballrooms of North America and on to the record-breaking tours. The Concert File includes review précises, recollections and on-stage comments, ticket stubs, flyers, posters and photos. Also included are details of major television and radio appearances, with bootleg and visual film references, and solo career appendices. The revised edition with 374 pages, and a new cover, was published in 2005, and was redesigned to bookend the then revised edition of the Who's Concert File (ISBN 978-1-84449-009-7), by Joe McMichael and 'Irish' Jack Lyons.[2]


  • Introduction
  • Notes and Acknowledgements
  • Prologue: The Early Performing Days of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham & John Paul Jones
  • The Led Zeppelin Concert File
  • Solo Appearances


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