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A timeline (or several) relating to Led Zeppelin.

The following is the chronology of the musical group Led Zeppelin.




  • 2 January - Richard Cole born in Kensal Rise, Brent.
  • 3 January - John Paul Jones (née John David Baldwin) born in Sidcup, Kent.



  • Jimmy Page joins Neil Christian and the Crusaders.


  • January - Jimmy Page's first appearance on record, a session for Jet Harris and Tony Meehan's 'Diamonds'.
  • October - Jimmy Page plays on Carter Lewis and the Southerners 'Your Mamma's Out of Town' and gigs with them on some radio dates.
  • October - John Paul Jones joins Jet Harris and Tony Meehan's backing band.


  • 1 April - John Paul Jones' solo single released - 'Baja'/'A Foggy Day in Vietnam'. Jones continues session work.
  • April - Jimmy Page continues lucrative session career as well as becoming Andrew Loog Oldham's house producer for his Immediate label.
  • April - John Bonham joins Terry Webb and the Spiders, and later A Way of Life.
  • September – The Senators' single 'She's a Mod' is released, featuring John Bonham on drums.


  • 12 February – Jimmy Page turns down an offer to join the Yardbirds from manager Georgio Gomelsky, after Eric Clapton quits that band. Page recommends his friend Jeff Beck instead.
  • 26 February - Jimmy Page releases a solo single - 'She Just Satisfies'/'Keep Moving'. Page plays all instruments but drums, and sings on the A-side.


  • 16 May – Page begins recording with Jeff Beck, John Entwistle (soon replaced by John Paul Jones), Nicky Hopkins and Keith Moon at IBC Studios for 'Beck's Bolero'. The name 'Lead Zeppelin' originates from this session with Moon on the next and final day of recording.
  • 18 June - Jimmy Page joins the Yardbirds temporarily on bass, soon switching to dual lead guitar with Jeff Beck. Page replaced Paul Samwell-Smith after their May Ball appearance at Queens College, Oxford University.
  • 15 July – Jason Bonham born in Dudley, Worcestershire.
  • October - Robert Plant sings lead vocal on Listen's single 'You Better Run'/'Everybody's Gonna Say'.
  • 12 October – The Yardbirds are filmed for Michelangelo Antonioni's motion picture Blow Up at Elstree Studios. Future Led Zeppelin publicist BP Fallon works as an extra in that feature.
  • 1 November - Page takes over as lead Yardbirds guitarist following Beck's departure due to ill health during a US tour. Page confirmed as sole lead guitarist by manager Simon Napier-Bell on their return to the UK.


  • 10 January – Peter Grant is appointed manager of the Yardbirds after Napier-Bell resigns.
  • 15 February - John Paul Jones arranges the strings on the Yardbirds' recording of Little Games at Olympic Studios.
  • March - Robert Plant links up with John Bonham in the Band of Joy.
  • March - Release of Robert Plant's solo single 'Our Song'/'Laughin', Cryin', Laughin'.
  • 25 March - Release of Jeff Beck's 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' single which has the Page composition 'Beck's Bolero' on the B-side.
  • 15 July - Release of Robert Plant's solo single 'Long Time Coming'/'I've Got a Secret'.
  • 24 July - The Yardbirds Little Games album issued in the US. It includes the future Page showcase number 'White Summer'.


  • January - Band of Joy play regular dates London dates at the underground club Middle Earth.
  • 10 March - New Page/Yardbirds track 'I'm Confused' (later to be completely re-worked as 'Dazed and Confused') aired at a session on John Peel's Top Gear radio show.
  • 12 March – Band of Joy splits after Plant leaves group, remaining members subsequently forming Bronco with future Plant solo guitarist Robbie Blunt.
  • April - John Paul Jones performs with Page on a session for Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man, and asks to be considered for a new group Page is rumoured to be forming.
  • May - Robert Plant with Obs-Tweedle records demos at the Marquee Studio.
  • May - John Bonham tours with Tim Rose.
  • 2 June - Last Yardbirds recording session at CBS studios in New York includes Page's 'Tangerine.
  • 5 June - Last Yardbirds US gig in Alabama.
  • 22 June - Announcement that Keith Relf and Jim McCarty are leaving the Yardbirds.
  • June - Robert Plant gigs and records with Alexis Korner.
  • June - Jimmy Page records with Joe Cocker at Olympic Studios.
  • 7 July - Final Yardbirds gig at Luton College of Technology, Luton.
  • 10 July - B.J. Wilson from Procol Harum who Page had worked with on the Joe Cocker session and Paul Francis whom Chris Dreja knew were being touted as possibles for the vacant drum position. Terry Reid declines vocal spot but suggests Robert Plant instead.
  • 19 July – John Paul Jones offers his services to Page's new line-up.
  • 20 July - Jimmy Page, Chris Dreja and Peter Grant see Robert Plant perform with Obs-Tweedle at a Birmingham teacher training college.
  • 24 July - Plant is offered the vocalist position after visiting Page's Pangbourne home.
  • 27 July - Plant informs Obs-Tweedle he has signed on to be Page's new vocalist.
  • 31 July – Page, Plant and Dreja see John Bonham perform at the Country Club, Hampstead on Robert Plant's recommendation.
  • 1 August - Page contacts Grant in New York informing him that he's found the band's new drummer. Grant immediately sends out telegrams offering Bonham the position.
  • 3 August - Chris Dreja decides not to continue as bassist in the new line-up. Page calls in John Paul Jones.
  • 4 August - Plant and Jones meet at Page's Pangbourne boathouse to discuss the proposed group.
  • 5 August - Grant issues a press statement from New York that Plant and Jones have joined Page's new group.
  • 12 August - John Bonham decides to join and completes the new line-up.
  • 15 August - First full Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham group rehearsals, in Gerrard Street, London.
  • Late August – Members of Led Zeppelin participate in recording sessions for P. J. Proby at Lansdowne Studios.
  • 7 September – The Yardbirds fulfil existing dates on a 10-date Scandinavian tour commencing in Gladsaxe, Denmark.
  • 16 September – Scandinavian tour ends.
  • 18 September – Band begin plans to record debut album in London.
  • 27 September – Recording commences on first album at Olympic Studios. 'Babe I'm Gonna Leave You' is the first track completed.
  • 14 October - Band agrees to change name to Led Zeppelin. Promoters take some weeks to get the new name correct on posters.
  • 17 October - First gig billed as Led Zeppelin at Surrey University.
  • 27 October – Grant and Page register publishing company Superhype Music, Inc. Grant flies to New York to commence negotiations with Atlantic Records.
  • 1 November - Grant clinches worldwide deal with Jerry Wexler at Atlantic.
  • 9 November - Plant marries Maureen Wilson in London. The reception is Led Zeppelin's London show at the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm.
  • 13 November – Atlantic Record's official press release makes public that Led Zeppelin is signed to label.
  • 26 December - Commences first American tour at the Auditorium in Denver, Colorado.


  • 17 January - Led Zeppelin album issued in America.
  • 26 January – The group perform at the Boston Tea Party, clocking over 4 and a half hours for the show.
  • 2 February - Completed US tour at New York's Filmore East.
  • February - Led Zeppelin's debut album enters Billboard Top 40.
  • 17 March - Scandinavian tour includes recording 30-minute showcase for Byen TV in Denmark.
  • 21 March - One and only live UK TV appearance playing 'Communication Breakdown' on BBC2's How Late It Is.
  • 23 March - Radio session on John Peel's Top Gear.
  • 25 March - Filming session at Staines for Supershow movie.
  • 28 March - Led Zeppelin's debut album issued in the UK.
  • 19 April – 'Good Times Bad Times' reaches number 80 on Billboard singles chart.
  • 10 May – Led Zeppelin reaches number 6 on UK albums chart.
  • 17 May - Debut album enters Billboard Top 10. Recording session commence for second album.
  • 13 June - UK tour commences at Birmingham Town Hall.
  • 19 June – Two songs recorded in Paris for French TV's Tous en Scene.
  • 22 and 24 June - Recording sessions for BBC Radio One, at Aeolian Hall, London and Maida Vale.
  • 25 June - More sessions for Led Zeppelin II at Morgan Studios.
  • 27 June - Playhouse Theatre London show taped for BBC radio's In Concert.
  • 28 June - Appearance at the Bath Festival of Blues at Shepton Mallet. 12,000 fans attend.
  • 29 June – Led Zeppelin headline two shows at London's Royal Albert Hall Pop Proms.
  • 5 July - Third US tour commences at the Atlanta International Pop Festival in Byron, Georgia.
  • 6 July – Band appears at the Newport Jazz Festival, Rhode Island.
  • 31 August - Third US tour ends at the Texas International Pop Festival in Lewisville, Texas.
  • 17 October - Led Zeppelin becomes first rock act to play New York's Carnegie Hall when they open their fourth US tour.
  • 31 October - Led Zeppelin II released in the US.
  • 8 November - Fourth US tour ends at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom.
  • November - Initial recording for Led Zeppelin III commences at Olympic Studios.
  • 5 December – Atlantic Record's projected UK release of 'Whole Lotta Love' as an edited single was suspended by Peter Grant. The label releases it in the US instead.
  • 6 December – 'Whole Lotta Love' enters the Billboard Top 40 singles chart in the US where it eventually reaches number 4.
  • 20 December - Led Zeppelin's worldwide record sales recognised with a presentation of gold and platinum discs by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade, Gwyneth Dunwoody, at London's Savoy Hotel.
  • 27 December – Led Zeppelin II tops the Billboard Top 200 album chart, for the first of a seven week run.


  • 7 January - UK tour opens at Birmingham Town Hall.
  • 9 January - Royal Albert Hall gig filmed by director Peter Whitehead and recorded for an intended Zeppelin-financed TV documentary, which never materialises due to poor lighting exposure.
  • 9 January - Jimmy Page meets future partner, French model Charlotte Martin backstage.
  • 9 January - Led Zeppelin turn down a lucrative offer to appear on the Tom Jones TV show.
  • January - 'Whole Lotta Love' reaches Number Four on the Billboard singles chart.
  • 23 February - European tour kicks off at the Kulttuurialo in Helsinki, Finland.
  • 28 February - The group are billed as the Nobs after threat of legal action from Eva von Zeppelin, when they arrive for their Copenhagen concert.
  • 7 March – Led Zeppelin headline the Montreux Jazz Festival.
  • 12 March - European tour ends at the Rheinhalle in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • 21 March - US tour commences at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada.
  • 17 April - Led Zeppelin are made honorary citizens in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • 19 April - US tour ends in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • 23 April - Jimmy Page's solo appearance on BBC2's Julie Felix Show performing 'White Summer'/'Black Mountain Side'.
  • Early May - Page and Plant write and prepare material for Led Zeppelin III at a cottage in Bron-Y-Aur, Wales.
  • Late May - Group begins recording at Headley Grange in Hampshire.
  • June - Recording sessions at Olympic Studio.
  • 20 June - Appearance in Iceland.
  • 28 June - Bill topping appearance at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music at Shepton Mallet. 150,000 people attend.
  • 16 July - Commencement of German tour at the Sporthalle in Cologne.
  • Late July - Recording sessions at Island Studios.
  • 6 August - Sixth American tour opens at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles.
  • 22 August - Mixing at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • 19 September - US tour finishes at Madison Square Garden, New York.
  • 27 September - Led Zeppelin top the polls at the annual Melody Makers readers' poll.
  • 16 October – The group is again honoured with another presentation of gold discs by Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade, Anthony Grant, at the Savoy Hotel in London.
  • 23 October - Led Zeppelin III released.
  • 31 October – Led Zeppelin III reaches number one on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.
  • November - Initial recording sessions for Led Zeppelin IV commences at Island Studios.


  • January - Led Zeppelin acquire the Rolling Stones' mobile studio to record the fourth album at Headley Grange.
  • 30 January - 'Immigrant Song' reaches number 15 on Billboard singles chart.
  • Early February - Overdub sessions at Island Studios. Page travels to Los Angeles to mix the tapes at Sunset Sound Studios.
  • 14 February - Group attends the Disc and Music Echo awards in London when they are voted the world's top band.
  • 5 March - British tour commences. Led Zeppelin first performs 'Stairway to Heaven' live, at Ulster Hall, Belfast.
  • 9 March - First return to mainland UK clubs since 1969. The band performs at Leeds University.
  • 4 April - First broadcast of the BBC In Concert radio show taped the previous month.
  • 3 May - European tour commences at the K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 5 July - Final European show ends with a riot at Milan's Vigorelli Stadium.
  • July - Led Zeppelin IV mixed in London.
  • 7 August – Led Zeppelin makes a two date appearance at the Montreux Casino.
  • 19 August - Seventh US tour commences in Vancouver, Canada.
  • 17 September - US tour ends with two shows in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • 23 September - Tour commences in Japan at the Budokan Hall.
  • 27 September - Led Zeppelin receive peace medals and the Civil Charter after performing a charity concert in Hiroshima.
  • October - Page and Plant visit Thailand, India, and Hong Kong on return to the UK.
  • 11 November – The band commenced a tour of the UK at the Newcastle-on-Tyne City Hall.
  • 12 November - Led Zeppelin IV album issued.
  • 27 November – Led Zeppelin IV enters Billboard Top 200 album chart. It peaks at Number Two and remains on the charts for five years
  • 20 and 21 November - Led Zeppelin perform two five hour Electric Magic appearances at Wembley Empire Pool.
  • 21 December - UK tour ends at Salisbury City Hall.


  • 12 February - 'Black Dog' reaches number 15 on Billboard singles chart.
  • 14 February - A concert in Singapore is cancelled when the group is refused entry to the country because of their long hair.
  • 16 February - Australian tour commences at Subiaco Oval in Perth.
  • March – On their way back to the UK, Page and Plant record with local orchestras in Bombay, India.
  • April - Houses of the Holy recording sessions on location at Stargroves and Olympic Studios.
  • 15 April - 'Rock and Roll' reaches number 47 on Billboard singles chart.
  • 6 June - Eighth US tour opens at the Cobo Hall, Detroit.
  • June - Mixing and recording sessions at Electric Lady Studios for Houses of the Holy.
  • 25 June – Performance at the Forum in Inglewood, California. It is recorded and belatedly released with the album How the West Was Won in 2003.
  • 27 June – Performance at Long Beach Arena in California. It is recorded and belatedly released with the album How the West was Won in 2003.
  • 28 June - US tour ends at the Tucson Community Centre, Arizona.
  • 2 October - Second Japanese tour commences in Tokyo at the Budokan Hall.
  • 28 and 29 October - Two performances at the Montreux Casino.
  • November - Houses of the Holy mixed and completed.
  • 10 November - Announcement of longest ever UK tour prompts 100,000 ticket sales in one day.
  • 30 November - UK tour commences at Newcastle City Hall.
  • 22 and 23 December - Led Zeppelin perform to Christmas shows at London's Alexandra Palace.


  • 30 January - UK tour ends in Preston.
  • 16 February - Release date of Houses of the Holy postponed due to sleeve problems.
  • 3 March - European tour opens in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 26 March - Houses of the Holy released.
  • 1 April - European tour closes with two nights at the Palais des Sports de Saint Ouen, Paris.
  • 4 May - Ninth US tour opens to 49,236 fans at the Atlanta Braves Stadium, Georgia.
  • 5 May - Led Zeppelin performs for 56,800 fans in Tampa Stadium, Florida. The Beatles' Shea Stadium US attendance record is broken.
  • 12 May - Houses of the Holy Led Zeppelin's fifth album, becomes their third to reach Number One.
  • 29 July - Led Zeppelin is robbed of US$203,000 at the Drake Hotel in New York City. The crime is never solved.
  • October – Recording sessions at Headley Grange for Physical Graffiti.
  • 29 December - 'D'yer Mak'er' reaches number 20 on Billboard singles chart.


  • January – Further recording sessions at Headley Grange.
  • 14 February – Page, Plant and Bonham all attend and perform at Roy Harper's St. Valentine's Day concert at the Rainbow Theatre in London.
  • 7 May - Swan Song record label launched in New York, which releases their albums and ones by artists like Bad Company and the Pretty Things.
  • 11 May – The band meet Elvis Presley after his show at the LA Forum. They sign autographs for his daughter Lisa Marie.
  • 13 May – Swan Song Record launch party at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.
  • August – Completion of filming for The Song Remains the Same at Shepperton Studios, England.
  • 14 September – Peter Grant and Page attend the Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park, New York.
  • 31 October – Led Zeppelin's official UK launch of Swan Song Records at a Chislehurst Caves party in Surrey.
  • 19 December – Pages and Jones jam with Bad Company at their Rainbow Theatre encore in London.


  • 11 January – Robert plant is interviewed by Bob Harris on the Old Grey Whistle Test. The band begins rehearsals for their US tour in Rotterdam.
  • 18 January – Ninth US tour opens at the Metro Sports Centre, in Bloomington, Minnesota.
  • 24 February – Physical Graffiti, a double album, is released.
  • 15 March – Tickets go on sale for all Earls Court Arena concerts and sell-out within hours of announcement.
  • 22 March - Physical Graffiti reaches Number One in its second week. It stays there for six weeks on Billboard Top 200 album chart.
  • 27 March – Final night of their US tour at the Los Angeles Forum, California.
  • 29 March - Led Zeppelin becomes the first band in history to have 6 albums on the chart at once: Physical Graffiti (No. 1), Led Zeppelin IV, House of the Holy, Led Zeppelin II, Led Zeppelin, and Led Zeppelin III.
  • April – The band rehearse at Shepperton Studios for their forthcoming Earl Court shows.
  • 19 April – Due to demand, extra dates are added to the Earls Court shows.
  • 10 May – Swan Song distribute promotional copies of 'Black Country Woman' in the UK, in advance of their impending Earls Court shows.
  • 17 May - The first of five shows at London's Earls Court Arena.
  • 17 May - 'Trampled Under Foot' reaches number 38 on Billboard singles chart.
  • 25 May – Final Earls Court show.
  • June – Plant and Page attend the Moroccan Folk Festival in Marrakesh.
  • June – Director Peter Clifton announces the near completion of the film The Song Remains the Same.
  • July – Page and Plant travel through Casablanca and Tangiers, eventually meeting up at the Montreux Festival and a European holiday.
  • 5 August - Robert Plant and his wife are injured in a car crash while vacationing in Greece. Both are air-lifted back to the UK.
  • 8 August – Swan Song press release announced a planned tour to the US is cancelled.
  • September – Plant and Page relocate to Malibu to commence writing a new album.
  • 27 September – The group wins seven Melody Maker poll awards at a reception in London.
  • October – Rehearsals held at SIR Studios in Hollywood for Presence.
  • November – The band record Presence at Munich's Musicland studio in a mere 18 days.
  • 10 December – Led Zeppelin make a surprise appearance at the Beehan's West Park nightclub with pianist Norman Hale.


  • February – Led Zeppelin scoops the awards in the NME readers' poll.
  • 5 April – Presence released.
  • 23 May – Robert Plant and Page appear on stage with Bad Company at the LA Forum for a jam.
  • 5 June – Led Zeppelin turn down offers to play at Wembley Stadium.
  • July – Dave Edmunds signs up with Swan Song.
  • August – Soundtrack to The Song Remains the Same receives final mixing at Trident Studios.
  • 20 October - Concert documentary, The Song Remains the Same, is given a charity world premiere in New York.
  • 22 October – The Song Remains the Same soundtrack released worldwide.
  • 23 October – Don Kirshner's rock concert show screens Led Zeppelin's first film clips on US TV.
  • 30 October – Led Zeppelin announces plan for US tour.
  • 2 November – Plant and Peter Grant interviewed by Michael Appleton on the Old Grey Whistle Test.
  • 4 November – The Song Remains the Same opens in London.
  • Late November – Group rehearsals begin at Manticore Studios for a forthcoming US tour.


  • 1 April - The eleventh US tour opens in Dallas, Texas at the Convention Center.
  • 30 April – A concert at the Pontiac Silverdome, Michigan attracts 76,229 fans, breaking their own record set at Tampa in 1973, of having the largest audience for a single-act show.
  • 3 June – Rain halts a show at the Tampa Stadium after 20 minutes. Due to crowd disturbances, a planned replacement show is scrapped by local authorities.
  • 26 July - Robert Plant's son Karac dies at home in England. The US tour is cancelled and Plant takes time off from music.
  • 3 October – Jimmy Page holds a radio press conference to dispel a rumour the band is splitting up.


  • May – Led Zeppelin reunite at Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean to rehearse and plan their future.
  • June – Plant appears on television programme Tiswas.
  • September 16 – Plant joins Dave Edmunds for an encore performance at Birmingham Town Hall.
  • October – The band begins composing a new album at Ezyhire Studios in London.
  • 1 November – Plant and Jones attend the Golden Lion rock raffle in Fulham.
  • 6 November – Led Zeppelin commences recording at Polar Music studio in Stockholm, Sweden.


  • 21 January – Robert Plant's wife Maureen gives birth to a son, Logan Romero.
  • February – Mixing sessions complete at Polar Studios.
  • 3 April – Plant, Page and Bonham join Bad Company on stage at the Birmingham Odeon. Peter Grant is also in attendance.
  • 17 May – Page is guest of honour at the opening of Phillips Harbour in Caithness, Scotland.
  • 22 May – Led Zeppelin announces Knebworth Festival concerts.
  • 3 June – Box offices in the UK report huge demand in tickets for Knebworth.
  • 4 July – Led Zeppelin rehearse at Bray Studios.
  • 23 July – Two warm up shows at the Falkoner Theatre in Copenhagen.
  • 4 August - The first of two appearances in Knebworth, Hertfordshire. These were the first official concerts in the UK in over four years.
  • 11 August - Second Knebworth show.
  • 20 August – In Through the Out Door released.
  • 7 September - In Through the Out Door enters the UK charts at Number One.
  • 14 September - In Through the Out Door begins its seven week run at Number One on the US Billboard charts.
  • 27 October – The entire Led Zeppelin catalogue is featured in the Billboard Top 200 album chart. No other group or artist in American chart history has had so many albums listed during the same week.
  • 28 November – Plant, Jones, Bonham and Grant attend the Melody Maker Poll Awards reception at the Waldorf Hotel and collect a total of seven awards.
  • 29 December – Plant, Jones, and Bonham perform at the Concert for the People of Kampuchea held at the Hammersmith Odeon, London.


  • 16 February - 'Fool in the Rain' hits number 21 on Billboard singles chart.
  • 27 April – Rehearsals begin for a European tour at the Rainbow Theatre in London. Phil Carlo appointed tour manager.
  • 17 June - European tour starts at Westfalen Halle, Dortmund.
  • 1 July – Page performs on stage with Carlos Santana at the Festhalle in Frankfurt.
  • 5 July – Bad Company's Simon Kirke joins the group for the encore at Munich's Olympic Halle.
  • 7 July – Final show of the tour at the Berlin Eisoport Halle.
  • 11 September – Peter Grant announces details of 'Led Zeppelin: The Eighties Part One', their first tour of America since 1977. The opening date is scheduled for October 17 at the Montreal Forum.
  • 21 September – Unprecedented ticket demand reported from US box offices.
  • 24 September – First rehearsals for US tour commences at Bray Studios, Berkshire.
  • 25 September - John Bonham dies of accidental asphyxiation whilst asleep. An ambulance was called but attempts to revive him fail.
  • 26 September – In the wake of the tragedy, tributes begin pouring in for Bonham.
  • 27 September – The US tour is cancelled with speculation that Led Zeppelin will disband.
  • 7 October – Following an inquest, a verdict of accidental death is returned on John Bonham.
  • 10 October – John Bonham's funeral held at Rushock, Worcestershire.
  • 18 October – Wild rumours commence that Cozy Powell, Aynsley Dunbar, Bev Bevan, Paul Thompson, or Carmine Appice will be named as a replacement for Bonham.
  • 7 November – The remaining members of Led Zeppelin travel to Jersey to discuss their future. On their return, they hold a meeting with Peter Grant at the Savoy Hotel in London to announce their intention to retire Led Zeppelin as a group.
  • 4 December - Swan Song releases a statement announcing that Led Zeppelin is disbanding in the wake of drummer John Bonham's death.


  • 15 December – Page, Plant, Jones and Peter Grant attend the Golden Lion charity raffle and present the prizes.


  • 12 May – At a Foreigner concert in Munich, Page and Plant join the stage for an encore.
  • 22 November – Coda released.


  • October – Swan Song is finally wound up as a label.
  • 4 December – John Paul Jones joins Plant for an encore jam at Bristol's Colston Hall.
  • 12 December – Page joins Plant for an encore jam at London's Hammersmith Odeon.
  • 24 December – Plant's UK tour ends with a performance at the Birmingham Odeon. Jason Bonham joins him for the encore.


  • March – Plant records The Honeydrippers: Volume One at New York's Atlantic Studios. Page plays on two tracks, along with Jeff Beck.
  • August – Page and Plant join the Pretty Things for a short set at the Heartbreak Hotel, in Ibiza, Spain.


  • 22 March – John Paul Jones' soundtrack album Scream for Help is released. It features Jimmy Page on two tracks, 'Crackback' and 'Spaghetti Junction'.
  • 13 July - Led Zeppelin re-forms (with Tony Thompson replacing the late John Bonham on drums) for the Live Aid benefit concert at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.
  • 23 July – Page joins Plant for the encore of his appearance at the Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey.


  • January – The remaining members of Led Zeppelin reunite at Real World studios in Bath for rehearsals. Tony Thompson plays drums but is injured on the second day and the rehearsals are scrapped.
  • 19 December – Page joins Plant onstage for a benefit show at the Civic Centre in Stourport.


  • January – Jimmy Page records a solo album, Outrider at the Sol. Plant sings on one track, 'The Only One', Jason Bonham is enlisted on drums.
  • September – Robert Plant records a solo album, Now and Zen. Page contributes on two tracks.


  • 18 January – 'Heaven Knows', Plant's first single off Now and Zen is released. It features Jimmy Page on lead guitar.
  • 11 April – Plant's 'Tall Cool One', replete with Led Zeppelin samples, is released as a single.
  • 17 April – Jimmy Page joins Robert Plant for an extended encore jam on the last night of Plant's UK tour at London's Hammersmith Odeon.
  • 14 May - Led Zeppelin reunites, with drummer Jason Bonham (the late John Bonham's son), to perform a few songs at Atlantic Records' 40th anniversary concert at New York's Madison Square Garden.
  • September – Jason Bonham joins Page's touring band for Outrider.


  • November – The remaining members of Led Zeppelin perform together at the 21st birthday party of Robert's daughter Carmen, in Shatterford, England.


  • January – Strong rumours persist that Led Zeppelin will reform for a summer US tour. Reports of multi-million dollar offers are rife.
  • 28 April – Page, Plant and Jones join Jason Bonham to perform a Led Zeppelin set at Jason's wedding reception at the Heath Hotel in Bewdley.
  • 30 June – Page joins Plant on stage at the Silver Clef winner's charity concert at Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire. They perform in public 'Wearing and Tearing' for the first time.
  • 29 October – Led Zeppelin, a four-CD and six-LP box set, is released. Reaching number 18 on the album chart, it will sell over one million copies, making it the best-selling box set in rock and roll history.


  • 15 January - The Yardbirds are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with Jimmy Page in attendance.
  • 18 November – Led Zeppelin are awarded the Q Merit Award at the Park Lane Hotel, London.



  • 17 April – Page and Plant both perform at the Alexis Korner memorial benefit show at the Buxton Opera House.
  • July - Page and Plant begin rehearsals at CTS Studios in Wembley.
  • 10 August – Page and Plant travel to Marrakesh for filming upcoming MTV special.
  • 12 October - The live documentary Unledded, which reunites Robert Plant and Jimmy Page onstage, airs on MTV. It features four live acoustic versions of Led Zeppelin favourites and eight new Page-Plant collaborations.
  • 26 November - No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded, by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, enters the Billboard album chart at Number 4.


  • 12 January - Led Zeppelin is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the tenth annual induction dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.
  • 30 January – Led Zeppelin win the International Artist award at the annual American Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, California.
  • 8 April – Atlantic Records official tribute album Encomium released.
  • 25 July – Peter Grant attends a Page-Plant show at Wembley Arena, London in what would become his final public appearance.
  • 21 November – Peter Grant suffers a fatal heart attack whilst driving home in Sussex.
  • 4 December – Members of Led Zeppelin attend Grant's funeral at Hellingly, East Sussex.


  • 30 November – Led Zeppelin win a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Channel V music awards show held at Mumbai, India.


  • January - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll inducts 'Dazed and Confused', 'Rock and Roll', 'Stairway to Heaven', and 'Whole Lotta Love'.
  • 29 May – Led Zeppelin win a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Ivor Novello Award ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel, London.
  • 17 November - BBC Sessions, a double CD of archival live performances on BBC radio from 1969-71, is released.


  • April - Robert Plant and Jimmy Page releases Walking Into Clarksdale.
  • May - Led Zeppelin are ranked Number 4 on VH1: Greatest Artists of Rock & Roll (and #5 on the Rock On the Net Poll).


  • February - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant receive a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance for 'Most High'.
  • 16 March – Page and Jones receive a Diamond Award on behalf of Led Zeppelin for sales exceeding 10 million copies an album, by the RIAA, at New York's Roseland Ballroom.
  • 23 November – Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin Volume One, a compilation CD of tracks spanning 1969-1972 is released.


  • January - VH1: 100 Greatest Rock Songs includes: No. 3: 'Stairway to Heaven' - No. 46: 'Whole Lotta Love' - No. 62: 'Kashmir' - No. 66: 'Rock and Roll'.
  • November - Led Zeppelin comes in at Number One on VH1: 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.



  • 9 February – Page and Plant perform at the Teenage Charity Concert held at the Royal Albert Hall.


  • 26 May – Led Zeppelin, a double DVD of past live and studio performances is released. It becomes the biggest selling music DVD of all time reaching Number One in many countries.
  • 27 May – How the West Was Won, a triple live CD with recordings dating back to 1972, is released.
  • 28 and 29 May – Remaining members of Led Zeppelin give TV interviews recorded over two days for the NBC Tonight and Today shows in New York.


  • 12 February – Led Zeppelin receive a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in Hollywood.


  • 22 May – Led Zeppelin are awarded the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.
  • 14 November – Led Zeppelin are inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.


  • April 2007 – Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina secured a deal to construct a roller coaster ride called Led Zeppelin: The Ride, synchronised to the tune of 'Whole Lotta Love'.
  • November – Led Zeppelin songs are made available as ringtone downloads for the first time via Verizon Wireless.
  • 3 November – Daily Mirror wins exclusive rights to stream six tracks from Mothership.
  • 8 November - XM LED, a dedicated artist channel to Led Zeppelin broadcasts for the first time via XM Satellite Radio. It was renamed Led Zeppelin Radio one year later.
  • 12 November – The band gives permission to allow Apple iTunes downloader access to all of its Mothership tracks.
  • 13 November – Compilation album Mothership is released.
  • 20 November – Remastered The Song Remains the Same released.
  • 10 December - Led Zeppelin perform live for a benefit tribute concert to Ahmet Ertegun, the O2 arena, London.


  • January – Rumours persist of a world tour. Plant turned down a reported US$200 million dollar offer to rejoin Page and Jones on the road.


  • 17 October 2012 - The motion picture [[Celebration Day] is released.

List of tours

Led Zeppelin tours
Tour Date span
First European 7 September 14 September 1968
UK dates 4 October 20 December 1968
First American 26 December 28 February 1968/69
UK dates 1 March 13 March 1969
Second European 14 March 17 March 1969
UK dates 19 March 17 April 1969
Second American 18 April 1 June 1969
First UK 13 June 29 June 1969
Third American 5 July 31 August 1969
Holland, Paris and London 3 October 12 October 1969
Fourth American 17 October 8 November 1969
Second UK 7 January 17 February 1970
Third European 23 February 12 March 1970
Fifth American 21 March 19 April 1970
Iceland and UK dates 21 June 29 June 1970
Germany dates 16 July 19 July 1970
Sixth American 5 August 19 September 1970
Third UK and Ireland 5 March 1 April 1971
European dates 3 May 8 August 1971
Seventh American 19 August 17 September 1971
First Japanese 23 September 29 September 1971
Fourth UK 11 November 21 December 1971
Australasian 16 February 29 February 1972
European dates 26 May 29 May 1972
Eighth American 6 June 28 June 1972
Second Japanese 2 October 10 October 1972
Montreux dates 28 October 29 October 1972
Fifth UK 30 November 30 January 1972/73
Fourth European 2 March 2 April 1973
Ninth American 4 May 29 July 1973
European dates 11 January 12 January 1975
Tenth American 18 January 27 March 1975
Earls Court dates 17 May 25 May 1975
Eleventh American 1 April 26 July 1977
Danish dates 23 July 24 July 1979
Knebworth Festival 4 August 11 August 1979
Fifth European 17 June 7 July 1980