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Kongo-class/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Kongo-class.
See also changes related to Kongo-class, or pages that link to Kongo-class or to this page or whose text contains "Kongo-class".

Parent topics

  • Anti-air warfare [r]: In the context of naval warfare, the mission of defending against aircraft and missiles, from platforms under naval command and control, possibly in coordination with other services and possibly defending land as well as sea areas. [e]
  • Ballistic missile defense [r]: A combination of sensors, command and control systems, and missile/warhead kill mechanisms that protect a region, or, in the case of the U.S., theaters of operations as well as the nation proper. [e]
  • Burke-class [r]: Large U.S. Navy multirole destroyers equipped with AEGIS battle management system and constant upgrades; Japan has Kongo-class clones, also being upgraded to ballistic missile defense; South Korea has the KDK-class [e]
  • Destroyer [r]: While the definition has evolved constantly, it is a multipurpose surface warship, generally less powerful than a cruiser, with capabilities against ship, aircraft, submarine, land, and sometimes ballistic missile targets [e]
  • Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force [r]: Effectively, the current Japanese navy, with a name consistent with the Japanese constitutional prohibition against war [e]


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