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Parent topics

  • Gravity bomb [r]: A bomb with no supplemental propulsion, whose trajectory is determined by initial velocity and gravity, or by the action of aerodynamic control surfaces. [e]
  • Precision-guided munition [r]: A powered or unpowered weapon that adjusts its flight path to hit a specific target, with a circular error probability in the low number of meters, often less than the radius of destruction [e]
    • Circular error probability [r]: The most common metric of how close to a target a weapon will strike: the radius of a circle, centered on the mean impact point, in which half the projectiles of that weapon will hit [e]
    • Go-onto-location-in-space [r]: A weapons guidance paradigm in which the weapon guides itself to a specific set of geographic coordinates and activates its warhead, rather than sensing and tracking a target [e]
    • Go-onto-target [r]: A guidance paradigm in which the sensor follows a potentially moving signal from the target, rather than going to a set of predefined geographic coordinates [e]



Interface to carrying aircraft

  • MIL-STD-1553 [r]: An extensively used interconnection standard among military electronics components, slow in comparison with local area networks but intended for simple command-response control in electrically noisy environments [e]
  • MIL-STD-1760 [r]: Standard mechanical and electrical interface between individual air-dropped weapons and the carrying aircraft; assigns MIL-STD-1553 bus interface to the weapon [e]

JDAM variants

Fuze subsystems

  • Fuze [r]: A mechanical, pyrotechnic or electronic device that causes the initiation of a detonator after some sensed event or events [e]
    • FMU-139 [r]: With a number of manufacturing variants, a common electronic fuze and detonator for U.S. bombs; impact or delay detonating in its basic form and airburst-capable with the addition of a DSU-33 sensor [e]
      • DSU-33 [r]: A modular subcomponent for U.S. bomb fuzes, principally the FMU-139, which senses the proximity of the onrushing ground and tells the fuze, so it can detonate the bomb, if so programmed, as an airburst [e]
    • FMU-157 [r]: Hard Target Smart Fuze (HTSF) for deep penetration of bombs into ground, concrete, or rock before penetration [e]
    • FZU-38 [r]: Add brief definition or description fuze safety switch

Guidance technologies

  • Midcourse [r]: That part of the journey of an unmanned vehicle, or a manned vehicle on autopilot, between launch/takeoff/boost phase and final approach/terminal guidance [e]
  • Terminal guidance [r]: Provision of information given to a weapon in the final part of its trajectory, or to an aircraft about to land [e]
    • Laser designator [r]: A device that puts a distinctive, usually invisible, pattern of laser energy on an object, for purposes such as designating the target of a laser-guided bomb [e]
    • Laser rangefinder [r]: A device, analogous to radar but using light rather than radio waves, which measures the distance to an object of interest. [e]

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