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John Stuart Mill/Timelines

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A timeline (or several) relating to John Stuart Mill.
  • 1806 Born, son of philosopher James Mill
  • 1820 Spends a year in France
  • 1823 Joins the East India Company (then effectively a branch of the British civil service[1]) as a clerk
  • 1826 Suffers a 6-month spell of depression
  • 1830 Meets Harriet Taylor
  • 1836 Death of James Mill
  • 1843 System of Logic
  • 1848 Principles of Political Economy
  • 1851 Marriage to Harriet Taylor (on the death of her husband)
  • 1858 Death of Harriet Taylor. The East India company is dissolved by Parliament and Mill retires on a pension.
  • 1859 On Liberty
  • 1861 Utilitarianism and Representative Government
  • 1865 Elected to Parliament
  • 1867 Subjection of Women
  • 1868 Defeated in parliamentary election
  • 1873 Death