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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about John Boyd.
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Parent topics

  • Military doctrine [r]: The fundamental principles of a military organization. [e]
    • Grand strategy [r]: The application of all national means of affecting the actions of other nations and non-national actors; specifically includes but is not restricted to military means [e]
    • Military strategy [r]: The highest-level national concept of the use of pure military power, inlcluding setting the composition of the military and its deployment; high-level regional objectives in war; military research and setting military production priorities [e]
    • Operational art [r]: A level of military power at which forces in the field, or deployed from the homeland, can determine the place and conditions of battle [e]
    • Tactics [r]: Military concepts and techniques used to fight a battle once battle is joined. [e]
  • Information theory [r]: Theory of the probability of transmission of messages with specified accuracy when the bits of information constituting the messages are subject, with certain probabilities, to transmission failure, distortion, and accidental additions. [e]
    • Closed loop control [r]: A control system in which the controller has access to signals containing information about the current state of the plant (the object or system to be controlled) during the time that the controller is in operation. [e]
    • Command and control [r]: The combination of lawful authority over people and resources, coupled with the methods of directing their execution of missions and tasks directed at goals set by that authority [e]


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