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Specific mixtures\s

\PBXN-106 (Military Specification WS-13522) used in 5/54 caliber projectiles Mk81, Mk82, Mk83, Mk84, Mk86, Mk158, Mk160, Mk179, Phoenix missile AIM-54;

PBXN-107 (Military Specification AS-4485) used in HARM missile AGM-88 (B & C), AARGM missile AGM-88E;

PBXN-109 (Military Specification MIL-E-82886) used in low-collateral damage bomb 500lb BLU-126/B, general purpose bombs 500lb BLU-111 (/B, A/B, B/B, & C/B), 1000lb BLU-110 (/B, A/B, B/B, & C/B), 1000lb BLU-110 (/B, A/B, B/B, & C/B), 2000lb BLU-117A/B, penetrator bombs 2000lb BLU-109 (A/B & B/B), special purpose bomb 2000lb BLU-116A/B, CrashPAD bomb 2000lb BLU-119/B;


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