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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Human-source intelligence.
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Parent topics

  • Intelligence collection management [r]: Assigning questions to various collection techniques, reflecting the techniques available and the priority of the information need. Includes the process of categorizing information learned for subsequent analysis, and assigning probabilities of accuracy to the raw information [e]


  • Debriefing [r]: Obtaining information from cooperating people, who are aware of at least some purposes of the conversation or written communication, and do not consider themselves under duress in this type of eduction [e]
  • Eduction [r]: A collective term for acquiring information from willing and unwilling people, for purposes including criminal investigation and human-source intelligence, with methods that range from cooperative to coercive [e]
  • Elicitation [r]: Eduction of information from a person or group in a manner that does not disclose the intent of the interview or conversation, generally overt, unless the collector is other than he or she purports to be. [e]
  • Interrogation [r]: A systematic process of direct questioning, of a person in detention or otherwise under the control of the interrogator, to obtain reliable information to satisfy criminal investigation or human-source intelligence requirements, within the scope of relevant law and policy [e]
  • Military attache [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Special reconnaissance [r]: Also known as SR, missions deep in denied areas, conducted by special operations personnel. They may be in or out of uniform. While SR units may direct air, missile, or artillery strikes, they strive to stay undetected. [e]
  • Surveillance [r]: A continuing process of observation of aerospace, surface, or subsurface areas, places, persons, or things, to detect unusual events [e]

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