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A list of key readings about History of England.
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Surveys and reference

  • The National Archives[1] 11 million descriptions of documents from central government, the courts of law and other sources.
  • Davies, Norman The Isles, Papermac, (2000)
  • Dimbleby, David Seven Ages Of Britain[2]], (BBC broadcast) book and podcast published by Hodder & Stoughton 2009
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  • Mitchell, B. R. British Historical Statistics (1988) 900pp
  • Schama, Simon. A History of Britain vol 1: At the Edge of the World, 3500 B.C.-1603 A.D (2000) excerpt and text search vol 1; Volume 2: The Wars of the British 1603-1776 (2001) excerpt and text search v 2; vol 3: The Fate of Empire 1776-2000 (2003) excerpt and text search v 3; well written narrative by a scholar.
  • Various authors.
  • The Oxford History of England - 16 volumes published by the Oxford University Press.
  • The Pelican History of England - 9 volumes published by Penguin Books Ltd.
  • Hyperwar, The United Kingdom in the Second World War, British Official Histories[3]
  • Heritage of Britain, Readers Digest, 1975


  • Hawkes, Jacquetta and Christopher, Prehistoric Britain, Harmondsworth (1943)
  • Scarre, Chris (ed) The Human Past, chapter 11: Holocene Europe, Thames and Hudson, 2005

600 BC to AD 48

  • Snow, Dan, "How the Celts Saved Britain,(video) BBC Four [4] (2009)

Roman Britain

  • Salway, Peter, Roman Britain, Oxford History of England, Clarendon Press (1981)

The English Settlements

  • Morris, John, The Age of Arthur, 350-650 Weidenfeld (1993)
  • Myres, J N L, The English Settlements, Oxford History of England, Clarendon Press (1985)

Anglo-Saxon England

  • Campbell, James (ed), The Anglo-Saxons. (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1982) ISBN 0801414822
  • Stenton, Frank, Anglo-Saxon England, 550-1087, Oxford History of England, Clarendon Press (1971)

Medieval Britain

  • Bartlett, Robert. England Under the Norman and Angevin Kings, 1075-1225 (New Oxford History of England) (2002) excerpt and text search
  • Poole, Austin, From Domesday Book to Magna Carta, 1087-1216 Oxford History of England, Carendon Press (1955)
  • Powicke, Maurice. The Thirteenth Century, 1216-1307 (Oxford History of England) (1953) 829 pages
  • Saul, Nigel. The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval England (2001) excerpt and text search

Fourteenth Century

  • McKisack, May, The Fourteenth Century, Oxford History of England, Clarendon Press (1959)

Fifteenth Century

  • Jacobs, E F, The Fifteenth Century, Oxford History of England, Clarendon Press (1961)

Tudor period

  • Beier, A. L. The Problem of the Poor in Tudor and Early Stuart England (1983) online edition
  • Braddick, Michael. "State Formation and the Historiography of Early Modern England." History Compass 2004 2(Britain & Ireland). Issn: 1478-0542 Fulltext: History Compass
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  • Pollard, A.F. Henry VIII (1905) 470 pp; the first modern biography, accurate and still valuable online edition
  • Rowse, A. L. The Elizabethan Renaissance: The Cultural Achievement (1972), portrays England as enjoying a golden age of individual opportunity and achievement
  • Scarisbrick, J. J. Henry VIII (1968) 592pp, a favourable scholarly biography; his Henry was "a formidable, captivating man who wore regality with a splendid conviction. But easily and unpredictably his great charm could turn into anger and shouting.... He was high-strung and unstable; hypochondriac and possessed of a strong streak of cruelty."
  • Schmidt, Albert F. The Yeoman in Tudor and Stuart England (1961) online edition
  • Weir, Alison. Henry VIII, King and Court (2001). 640pp a flattering portrait excerpt and text search

Primary sources

  • Stater, Victor, ed. Politics And The Political History of Tudor and Stuart England: A Sourcebook (2002) online edition

17th century to 1660

  • Carlin, Norah. The Causes of the English Civil War (1999)
  • Coward, Barry, ed. A Companion to Stuart Britain (2003) excerpt and text search
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Primary sources

  • Hughes, Ann, ed. Seventeenth-century England: A Changing Culture, vol. 1 (1980)
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Social and cultural history

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