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Henry David Thoreau/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Henry David Thoreau.
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  • Canby, Henry Seidel, Thoreau
  • Harding, Walter, The Days of Henry Thoreau
  • Richardson, Robert D. , Henry Thoreau: A Life of the Mind
  • Salt, Henry S., Life of Henry David Thoreau. One of the earliest complete biographies of Thoreau, presenting a sympathetic and perceptive portrait of the man. The cited work is the 3rd edition of Salt's biography, prepared for publication in 1908 but not published until 1993. The previous editions contributed significantly to the making of Thoreau's modern reputation, though this final (3rd) edition represents a marked improvement over them. ISBN 0-252-01993-8

Significance and impact of Thoreau

  • Petroski, Henry, The Pencil: a History of Design and Circumstance An examination of the nature of the engineering process especially as illustrated by the history and development of the pencil. Contains a separate chapter on the Thoreau family business of pencil-making, including Henry Thoreau's innovations and contributions related to pencil-making.
  • Pokrovsky, Nikita, Henry Thoreau, translation from Russian by Sergei Syrovatkin. Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1989. A Soviet publication on Thoreau and his world view and outlook, his life and times, and his significance for American culture. ISBN 5-01-001135-2

Critical editions of Thoreau's works

(Note: Listed here are those editions of Thoreau's works which contain extensive material, whether biographical, critical, or otherwise in addition to the work itself.)

  • Angelo, Ray, Botanical Index to the Journal of Henry David Thoreau (1984). Contains an essay by the author on Thoreau as Botanist. This work is also available on-line at
  • Van Doren Stern, Philip (editor), The Annotated Walden, (originally published 1970). Contains brief introductory essays on Walden, on Thoreau, on the writing and publishing of Walden, plus a very detailed chronology of Thoreau's life and a comprehensive bibliography on Thoreau. ISBN 0-88029-931-2