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Griffin missile/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Griffin missile.
See also changes related to Griffin missile, or pages that link to Griffin missile or to this page or whose text contains "Griffin missile".

Parent topics


Carrier platforms




  • Protector Remote Weapons Station [r]: Family of remotely operated mounts for weapons and their associated target viewing and sighting devices, developed by Norway's Kongsberg and used by many nations [e]


  • Inertial navigation [r]: Navigation method that does not depend on external references, but computes the present position by sensing the movement of the navigating platform from a precisely known starting point in space, using accelerometers to sense position changes from a reference provided by gyroscopes [e]
  • Laser designator [r]: A device that puts a distinctive, usually invisible, pattern of laser energy on an object, for purposes such as designating the target of a laser-guided bomb [e]
  • Global Positioning System [r]: Originally developed for U.S. military needs, a satellite-based system for obtaining precise position and time information; the most widely used part of the Global Navigation Satellite System [e]
  • Fuze [r]: A mechanical, pyrotechnic or electronic device that causes the initiation of a detonator after some sensed event or events [e]


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