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Going to war/Related Articles

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Parent topics

  • War [r]: A state of violent conflict which exists between two or more independent groups, each seeking to impose its will on the other. [e]
  • International law [r]: The formal conduct of interactions between nation-states, both at the national level and on behalf of their citizens; generally accepted as first formalized by Hugo Grotius. [e]
  • Just war theory [r]: The branch of ethics concerned with the basis for starting, conducting, and terminating wars [e]


  • International humanitarian law [r]: That part of international law concerned with minimizing the human consequences of conventional and unconventional armed conflict [e]
  • Kellogg-Briand Agreement [r]: (Kellogg-Briand Pact) An international agreement, first signed in 1928 and eventually agreed-to by a large number of the world's nations at the time, which rejected the use of war to settle disputes; it had no notable effect on world events [e]
  • International Military Tribunal (Nuremberg) [r]: Conducted by the four major Allied powers in Europe, this proceeding tried the designated Major War Criminals of Nazi Germany, as well as determining whether certain Nazi organizations were to be considered as criminal conspiracies to which membership was a crime [e]
  • United Nations Charter [r]: The core "rule book" for jurisdiction of the United Nations [e]
  • War Powers Resolution [r]: 1973 U.S. law setting limits on Presidential authority to conduct hostilities without Congressional authorization [e]

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