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GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb.
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Parent topics

  • Guided bomb [r]: An unpowered, aircraft delivered weapon, which adjusts its course using aerodynamic control surfaces, and is controlled by a human operator or on-board autonomous guidance [e]
    • Glide bomb [r]: An unpowered air-delivered weapon whose trajectory is not defined purely by gravity and air resistance, but by aerodynamic lift and steering; modern versions are guided bombs. [e]
  • Raytheon [r]: A large US technology company, much of whose market is military, but also provides products, especially electronics, to the civilian sector [e]
  • Lockheed Martin [r]: One of the largest U.S. aerospace and military manufacturing & services firms [e]
  • Boeing [r]: US-based company making aircraft and spacecraft. [e]
  • GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb [r]: A relatively small U.S. guided bomb, several of which can be carried in a single rack position intended for Mark 8x series conventional bombs; with its accurate guidance, and the use of a new explosive, AFX-757, which puts higher pressure into a smaller radius, it reduces collateral damage while allowing more targets to be hit in a sortie [e]


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