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Management issues

Discussion on all aspects of management and other non-content issues, including forum usage, legal and financial issues, initiatives and public relations

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proposing to delete new accounts where the user never actually contributes to the wiki for a long time

Since I took over handling memberships early this year, I've noticed that there seems to be an ongoing pattern of people opening new accounts mainly in order to get a resume onto a User page with their name on it. There have been several new accounts created within the past year where the person never actually edited anything in the wiki but who, however, provided us with a substantial rundown of their accomplishments for publication on the User page. I propose to begin deleting such accounts if people never edit anything within a couple of months. In fact, I would say that, to keep one's account active, that during the first year, I expect them to make at least one small but helpful edit every two months. After a year has passed, and if their user page is not obviously a "vanity page", it's okay with me if they disappear for relatively long periods of time. It is not always possible to tell in advance that a person is going to do this, but I would say that the majority of new accounts we are now creating seem to be like this. Does anyone have a problem with us making it a policy that new accounts will be deleted if their creation is following by a substantial period of doing nothing while publishing a meaty resume on the User page? Pat Palmer (talk) 07:23, 19 April 2023 (CDT)