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A timeline (or several) relating to Florida, history.

Timeline for Florida, history

A sequence of significant events in the history of Florida.

approx. 12000 BCE: Paleo-Indians enter Florida.
1513: Juan Ponce de Leon names Florida and claims it for Spain.
1559: First foundation of Pensacola; abandoned in 1561.
1565: Pedro Menéndez de Avilés founds St. Augustine.
1696: Second foundation of Pensacola.
1763: Florida transferred from Spain to Britain: divided into East Florida and West Florida.
1784: Floridas returned to Spanish rule.
1810-1816: Part of West Florida occupied and annexed by United States.
1817-1818: First Seminole War.
1821: Floridas transferred from Spain to the United States.
1822: Florida Territory organized.
1835-1842: Second Seminole War.
1845: Florida admitted to the United States as a state.
1855-1858: Third Seminole War.
1861: Florida secedes from the United States and joins the Confederate States of America.
1868: Florida readmitted to the United States as a state.
1877: Reconstruction ends in Florida.
1926: Great Miami Hurricane ends the Florida Land Boom.
1928: Lake Okeechobee Hurricane kills more than 1,800 people.
1935: Labor Day Hurricane destroys Overseas Railroad to Key West, kills more than 400.
1949: Missile testing begins at Cape Canaveral.
1959: Revolution in Cuba eventually leads to large of numbers of Cubans migrating to Florida.
1971: Walt Disney World opens near Orlando.