Ela Darling

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Ela Darling
Ela Darling (vrtube.xxx) asking question about pornography at SVVR panel (17959045585).jpg
Born 1986
Occupation librarian, actor, entrepeneur
Known for virtual reality innovator

Ela Darling is an American actor who has been described as an innovator in introducing virtual reality technology to erotic films.[1][2] According to the New York Times, Darling first used virtual reality technology to record an erotic scenario in 2014.[3] Since then Darling founded a company, VRTube.xxx that produces virtual reality content.[4] She has been a speaker at several conferences focused on virtual reality.[5]

Darling was one of the individuals profiled in Allan Amato's book Slip: Naked in Your Own Words.[6]

At the 2016 South by Southwest Festival The Guardian quoted Darling asserting that patent holders were preventing the production of teledildonic technology.[5]

In October 2017 comments Darling made about how sex robots would affect the erotic film industry were widely repeated.[7][8][9] Among Darling's comments was a concern that if sex robots became popular people might stop have sexual relations with one another.

“And I think now is the time to start thinking about these things as this is going to be a technology that people will be embracing in – which is a sensitive thing to be in. Right now were at the stage where sex robots are being invented and the next step will be everybody has a sex robot.”[8]

Darling earned a Masters in Library Science, by the time she was 21, and worked as a reference librarian, prior to becoming an actor and entrepeneur.[4]

In a 2017 profile of Darling Rolling Stone magazine described Darling's first experience filming a VR experience, and how it lead to her partnership with James Ashfield.[10] Ashfield, then a 20 year old college student, had placed an online ad seeking a webcam model to film a virtual reality experience. Ashfield flew Darling to Washington DC, and filmed in his college dormitory room. According to Rolling Stone, after the filming, Darling asked him if he had secured paperwork. He didn't realize he needed formal paperwork. Darling had anticipated he might not realize he needed to legally protect himself, and had brought the legal forms with her.

Rolling Stone described Ashfield as boyishly handsome, and that Darling's first reaction was to wonder whether he was old enough to purchase pornography, let alone record it. Ashfield described his surprise that Darling at how actively engaged Darling was in learning the technical background of his equipment, and by the intelligence of her question.[10] He realized he needed her professional experience and the pair soon became business partners. Rolling Stone reported they also became good friends.

Darling won the 2018 XBIZ Award for "Crossover Star of the Year".[11]

Following the shutdown rules governments put in place to help prevent infection from the Covid 19 virus press reports have cited or quoted Darling when reporting increased interest in virtual sex.[12] Even before she became an entrepeneur Darling was an advocate for safe-sex practices.[13]


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