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Depth charge/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Depth charge.
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  • Destroyer [r]: While the definition has evolved constantly, it is a multipurpose surface warship, generally less powerful than a cruiser, with capabilities against ship, aircraft, submarine, land, and sometimes ballistic missile targets [e]
  • Ocean escort [r]: A warship with weapons and sensors to defend itself and ships near it, sturdy enough to operate in ocean conditions, but with only enough speed to escort merchant and military support ships, and usually not built to full warship standards of battle damage survivability [e]
  • Minol [r]: WWII explosive, used primarily in naval weapons such as depth charges, antisubmarine mortars and naval mines; composed of 40% TNT, 40% ammonium nitrate, 20% aluminium powder [e]

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