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Dell Inc.
Ownership type Public, NasdaqGS - DELL
Founded 1984, by Michael Dell
Headquarters Austin , Texas
United States
Industry Computers
Product/Service Computer and Consumer Products

Dell Inc. (formerly known as Dell Computer Corporation) is an American electronic hardware manufacturing company primarily dealing with the manufacture of personal computers, peripherals, servers, printers and related devices in addition to consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, HDTVs etc.

Company history

The company was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 in Austin, Texas[1] registered as Dell Computer Corporation. It was started with the intention of selling personal computers directly to customers and this was done under the name PC's Limited which was then the first in the industry to sell custom built computers. [2]

In 1985, Dell designed and built the first computer system of its own design. It was called the Turbo PC and featured the Intel 8088 processor running at 8 MHz. A year later Dell unveiled the fastest performing computer at the time, a 12 MHz 286 based system, at the Spring comdex national computer show. In 1988, Dell raised $30 million in its IPO, increasing the market capitalization of the company from $1000 to $85 million.

In 1989 Dell introduced the 316LT, the company's first notebook computer and in 1991 Dell announced the 325NC, the companies first color laptop computer at the Spring Comdex tradeshow. The computer running at 25MHz used ASIC for its power management and offered an extended battery life of 3 hours at the time. A 16 color display with a resolution of 640 by 480 was possible by the use of color LCD technology. That same year Dell changed its desktop product line to the highest performing processors at the time, the Intel 486 processor.

In 1993 John Medica, the person behind the Apple Inc PowerBook joins Dell and begins working on the design of Latitude series of laptop computers. At around this time, their Dimension series of desktops were introduced into the market. And in the same year the company was ranked in the top 5 computer system manufactures worldwide. Dell becomes the first company to introduce the Lithium-ion battery as part of the Latitude XP launch in 1994. In 2000, they added the wifi connectivity feature to their laptops.

Dell ships its first blade server the PowerEdge 1655MC in 2000. And in the same year, Dell sales via the internet reach $500 million per day. Two years later, in 2002 the company launched their first ever projector, the 3100MP and a year later they launch their first lines of business and consumer printers. In 2004, Dell launches DELL/EMC AX 100, the first storage area network(SAN) setup wizard