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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Deception.
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Parent topics

  • Information operations [r]: The integrated employment of the core capabilities of electronic warfare, computer network operations, psychological operations, military deception, and operations security. [e]



Historical and archetypes



Soviet & Russian

United States

Deceptive interrogation

Other related topics

  • Counterintelligence [r]: Countermeasures to foreign intelligence organizations collecting intelligence against one's own side. [e]
  • Phishing [r]: Use of online social engineering methods in order to persuade a victim to part with personal details such as online banking logins, in order to perpetrate fraud. [e]
  • Social engineering [r]: Subverting a security system by deceiving its users. [e]
  • Trojan (computers) [r]: In computer security, a program that a user is induced to run deliberately for some apparently desirable function, but actually is malware that performs some damaging action, perhaps hidden from the user [e]