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Originally formed in 1988, by David Horowitz, as the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, the Center's directors renamed it, in 2006, the David Horowitz Freedom Center. By either name, its goal was to establish a conservative presence in Hollywood and show how popular culture had become a political battleground. Its programs include DiscoverTheNetworks, Frontpage Magazine, the Wednesday Morning Club, the Individual Rights Foundation, and Students for Academic Freedom.

Since 2003, it has promoted an Academic Bill of Rights to support students’ academic freedom, and free the American university from political indoctrination and renew its commitment to true intellectual diversity. In 2006, the Center established another organization, Students and Parents for Academic Freedom in K-12 schools, modeled on the university campaign and with the same agenda: to take politics out of the public school classroom.[1]

The Open Society Institute, a philanthropic organization with funding originating with George Soros, has formed the Free Exchange on Campus coalition, which specifically names David Horowitz as an example of "conservative activists' ideological assault on higher education...[a threat to academic freedom] posed by conservatives who wish to regulate university hiring policies and pedagogy on the basis of political criteria... "With OSI support, Free Exchange has been able to hire dedicated coalition staff and organizers.":[2]


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