Dan Xa Dang

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Known as the Dan Xa Dang (or just Dan Xa) for short, the Viet Nam Democratic Socialist Party (Vietnamese: Viet Nam Dan Chu Xa Hoi Dang) was founded in November 1946, initially led by Nguyen Van Sam and Huynh Phu So (leader of the Hoa Hao), to form an alliance of nationalist elements in Cochin China, especially the Saigon area. [1]

The two leaders were condemned by a Viet Minh tribunal; in April 1947, the Viet Minh had ordered the party to disband. Huynh Phu So was executed in June, and Nguyen Van Sam was assassinated in October. A split between the Hoa Hao and the Saigon members already had been brewing since October 1946, over participation in an interim Cochin China government being formed.

Tran Van An, a co-editor of the Dan Xa Dang newsletter, joined the local government under Nguyen Van Xuan, who opposed separatism. Bao Dai refused to recognize this government. The group ceased activity at the end of 1948.


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