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In early September 2007 the DoD released Summary of Evidence memos prepared for all 572 of the Tribunals and the unclassified dossiers arising from the Tribunals of 179 captives who have had habeas corpus petitions submitted on their behalf.

  • Summaries of Evidence [1]
  • Index of testimony[2]
  • Index of publicly filed records[3]

Courts ordered the U.S. Department of Defense to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests, to release information about the captives.

  • In 2005 the DoD released 517 Summary of Evidence memos, which each summarized the allegations justifying the detention of a single captive. However, they were in obfuscated order, and had their names redacted, so readers couldn't tie individual memos to individual captives.

On March 3rd 2006 The DoD released summarized transcripts, and other documents, from the unclassified sessions of 360 captives Tribunals. These documents were also released in obfuscated order, and only identified by the captives ID number, so readers couldn't tie individual transcripts to individual captives. However, on April 20th 2006 the DoD released a list of the names, nationalities and ID numbers of the 558 captives who had their combatant status reviewed by a Tribunal.[4]