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Filmography of Coldplay.

Music videos

Year Song Director(s)
1999 "Bigger Stronger" Mat Whitecross
2000 "Shiver" Grant Gee[1]
"Yellow" James & Alex[2]
"Trouble" Sophie Muller[3]
"Trouble" (U.S. version) Tim Hope
2001 "Don't Panic"
2002 "In My Place" Sophie Muller[4]
"The Scientist" Jamie Thraves[5]
2003 "Clocks" Dominic Leung[6]
"God Put a Smile upon Your Face" Jamie Thraves[7][8]
2005 "Speed of Sound" Mark Romanek[9][10]
"Fix You" Sophie Muller[4]
"Talk" Anton Corbijn[11][12]
2006 "The Hardest Part" Mary Wigmore[11]
2008 "Violet Hill" Asa Mader[13]
"Violet Hill" ("Dancing Politicians") Mat Whitecross[13]
"Viva la Vida" Hype Williams[14]
"Viva la Vida" (Cover version) Anton Corbijn[15]
"Lost!" Mat Whitecross
"Lost+" (featuring Jay-Z)
"Lovers in Japan"
"Lost?" Paul O'Brien
2009 "Life in Technicolor II" Dougal Wilson[16]
"Strawberry Swing" Shynola
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