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Cannon/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Cannon.
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Parent topics

  • Artillery [r]: Crew-served military devices for propelling payloads over distance [e]


Other related topics

  • Direct fire [r]: A military term for battlefield weapons fired with a direct line of sight on their target; projectile weapons actually fire in a parabolic trajectory that approximates a straight line for short distances [e]
  • Indirect fire [r]: Weapons fire that is fired in an arc such that the projectile rises above the target elevation and descends to hit the target [e]
  • Fuze [r]: A mechanical, pyrotechnic or electronic device that causes the initiation of a detonator after some sensed event or events [e]
    • Proximity fuze [r]: Fuze designed to detonate an explosive device automatically when the distance to target becomes smaller than a predetermined value. [e]
  • Guided missile [r]: A weapon that flies through air or space, under its own power, which adjusts its course to hit its target. [e]
  • Rocket-assisted projectile [r]: A cannon-launched projectile that does not depend on the initial energy of the cannon propellant, but supplements it with a rocket motor attached to the warhead; usually trades payload for increased range [e]
  • Machine gun [r]: A firearm capable not only of full-automatic fire, but with additional features, such as large ammunition supply mechanisms, barrel cooling or quick-change features, etc., that lets it fire for prolonged periods [e]
  • Multiple rocket launcher [r]: In modern use, a family of mobile artillery systems, firing unguided rockets intended for area-effect coverage, complementing howitzers for point targets. These systems, however, increasingly use guided rounds. [e]
  • Shell (artillery) [r]: A warhead for artillery, which contains a bursting or penetrating filler, and appropriate fuze, rather than solid metal [e]
  • Shot [r]: Projectiles that are made of solid metal, without an explosive filling [e]