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  For some history of this project, and shared ideas, see Anthony.Sebastian Talk Page Section on Wiki-Converting

This 'article' ('page') will track the activity of Editors/Citizens who volunteered to convert to MediaWiki-mark-up articles submitted in 'word-processor' format from users who prefer not to learn the mark-up format.

This project has been officially announced!

Note to volunteer 'wiki-converters'

If you have not already done so, please sign up to the mailing list That mailing list will have requests from subscribers for 'wiki-converting' — for you to choose from. Please respond to requestors.

Thanks to Louise Valmoria for setting up the list. See the following comments from Louise:

I have set up the mailing list here: Once we have the volunteers signed up to the [mailing] list, I can organise for the cz-wikiformat address to be open for submissions from non-subscribers so people do not have to sign up to the list to request formatting help.
Regarding submissions and the wiki page [this page], once we have volunteers signed up to the list and receiving submissions, whoever is available can update the wiki page with new submissions and notify if they are dealing with any particular articles. I think we're all in a wide spread of timezones, so should the list get a lot of traffic we can share the admin workload and stay reasonably on top of things. --Louise Valmoria 13:59, 4 December 2007 (CST)(Talk)



  • Find your name below.
  • Use the 'Edit' feature next to your name to indicate whose submission from the mailing list you have taken responsibility for.
  • Please email the individual whose article you have chosen to that effect.
  • Keep everyone posted on your progress.
  • Use the Talk page (Discussion tab) to pass on your experience (tips, problems, etc.)
  • Thank you for helping out with this important project.


Anthony Argyriou -- Engineering Editor, Earth Sciences and others author.

Am willing to convert almost any article, and to put citations into cite.php format.

Utkarshraj Atmaram

Computers, can help with non-Computer-related articles too, esp. Science and Maths.

Milton Beychok (Chemical engineer) -- Engineering Editor/Author, Chemistry Author, Physics Author

Member of the Chemical Engineering subgroup

Chris Day -- Biology editor, problem-solver extraordinaire

JeromeDelacroix -- Editor: computers, business

Stephen Ewen -- Assistant to Chief Constable

John Harvey -- Religion

Carl Hewitt -- Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mathematics

Robert King -- I can make templates and infoboxes, kinda (as long as I have specifications on what should or should not be in there!)

Also, I take, find, edit pictures and I am an MS Excel wizard. If it needs converting, formatting, manipulating en masse, I can probably do it. --Robert W King 22:22, 7 November 2007 (CST)

William Porquet -- Computers author, willing to convert and tweak two per month.

ZachPruckowski -- CZ Technical staff, Executive Committee

Supten Sarbadhikari --Editor: biology, health sciences and engineering - may be able to spare some time on and off

Anthony.Sebastian --Editor: biology, health sciences.

Working on R.E.M. by Jeff Maehre

Aleksander Stos -- Constable, math author

Anton Sweeney -- constable, author (things Irish), IT/computers

Michael Underwood -- Math and physics author

Louise Valmoria -- Mailing List Manager, Author: biology, history, literature, law

David Volk -- Chemistry editor, music, math, physics, health sciences author


Procedures (full)


Submitted Articles

This is a list of articles submitted to the wikiconverting mailing list which are yet to be completed.

Evolution of hominin intelligence - Diana Phung

Completed Articles

The list of articles completed by the wikiconverting team will be archived on a regular basis.