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Citizendium articles are intended to be encyclopedia articles. Accordingly, there are several things that they are not:

  • Dictionary definitions. A mere definition, or list of senses of a word, is not useful as an encyclopedia article. Such articles: May be deleted.
  • Advertisement. Articles that paint companies, products, books, and other marketable items in typical marketing terms are not encyclopedia articles, they are advertising copy. See also Policy on Self-Promotion. May be deleted.
    • Informative, non-point-of-view, non-marketing-promotion-type articles on companies may be acceptable.
    • Product-articles may be acceptable if informative, non-point-of-view, and non-marketing-promotion. Product-type articles often can be treated generically (e.g., microscope, single-lens reflex camera, etc.)
  • Essays or advocacy. Encyclopedia articles are general and neutral introductions to topics. Idiosyncratic and biased essays are not welcome here, except—perhaps in rare cases—as Signed Articles, and then only on approved subpages. May be deleted.

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