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CZ:Name of subpage set?

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Welcome Page

What name do you want to use for groups of subpages about the same topic? This is a plebicite on an issue that the Council probably doesn't care about.

I am nixing several suggestions in keeping with this discussion:

  • Folio, for the reasons given
  • Locus, because I think it's too recherche
  • Constellation, nice image but name is too long
  • Compendium, ditto
  • Article set, because subpages in most cases aren't articles at all
  • Article series, ditto

That leaves us with four options.

RULES: all and only Citizens may vote. You may vote for as many options as you wish. You may also vote "NIX <your name>" and that cancels someone else's vote for that item. (This way we account for the ones that people feel strongly against.) Vote will close on Monday when the Editor-in-Chief feels like closing it.

Options are listed here alphabetically left-right. Please sign using only three tildes "~~~" to save space as a timestamp is not needed.


  1. Larry Sanger
  2. Chris Day (talk)
  3. Roger Lohmann
  4. John J. Dennehy (talk)
  5. Gareth Leng
  6. Stephen Tapril
  7. Matt Innis (Talk)
  8. Eric M Gearhart
  9. Eric Winesett
  10. Anthony Hawkes
  11. Sean Allen
  12. Ruth Ifcher
  13. Paul Derry
NIX --Joe Quick (Talk)
NIX Pip_Bennett
NIX  —Stephen Ewen (Talk)
NIX John Stephenson
NIX Kjetil Ree
NIX R. Versuri (Talk)

Tally: 7


  1. Pip_Bennett
  2. Jochen Wendebaum
  3. Anton Sweeney
  4. Sidney Draggan
  5. Michael Underwood
  6. Roger Lohmann
  7. John Stephenson
  8. Anthony Argyriou
NIX Chris Day (talk)
NIXGareth Leng
NIXStephen Tapril
NIX  —Stephen Ewen (Talk)

Tally: 4


  1. Larry Sanger
  2. Jochen Wendebaum
  3. Kjetil Ree
  4. --Joe Quick (Talk)
  5. Stephen Tapril
  6.  —Stephen Ewen (Talk)
  7. Paulo Santarém
  8. Thomas Mandel
  9. Vipul Naik
  10. Ian Johnson
  11. R. Versuri (Talk)
NIX Pip_Bennett
NIX Anton Sweeney
NIX Michael Underwood
NIX Roger Lohmann
NIX John Stephenson
NIXDavidGoodman 16:46, 27 July 2007 (CDT)
NIX Anthony Argyriou

Tally: 4


  1. Larry Sanger
  2. Greg Woodhouse
  3. Roger Lohmann
  4. Gareth Leng
  5. Matt Innis (Talk)
  6. Ian Johnson
NIX Pip_Bennett
NIX Stephen Tapril
NIX Eric Winesett
NIX John Stephenson
NIX  —Stephen Ewen (Talk)

Tally: 1