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CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Media Lab

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Welcome to the Media Lab

The Media Lab specializes in media manipulation, particularly image manipulation. We do image restorations, removal of objects from images, creation of images, and other media manipulation.

The Media Lab will not accept, and will immediately remove, requests to manipulate media in such a way that falsify the intent of the original author. Any falisfied media will be deleted on sight, and the uploader turned over to the constables.

How do I word my question for the best results?
  • Include a meaningful title. Do not write "Help" or "Can you do this?", but write a few words that briefly tell the volunteers the subject of the request.
  • Include context. Include links to any pertinent information that might help us to understand your request.
  • Do not provide your contact information. E-mail or home addresses, or telephone numbers, will be removed. A note will be left on your tak page alerting you that your request has been answered. Though the request will be answered here, in most cases, the results of your request will be included in the alert.

When will I get an answer?

  • It all depends. Some requests are simple. Some are much harder. For example, "Can you take that tear out of the picture?" Usually requests of this nature are fairly easy to do and we may get back to you within the day. On the other hand, "Can you create an image of X?" will probably take us some time, so be patient.

How to fulfill a request

  • Be thorough. Do not do a sloppy job. If a request is beyond your expertise, leave it for someone else. When you have finished a request, leave an alert on the requestors talk page. You can include the results if you'd like, but this is not needed. Either way, leave a link back to here where you answered the request.
  • Remove bad requests. Do not accept requests to manipulate media that would violate any CZ:Policies, international law, or Media Lab policies. Remove requests of this nature at once. Off topic, or misplaced requests should be answered with a link to the appropriate area. Offer to help the requester move the request to the correct place.
  • Be polite
  • Don't edit others' comments, except to fix formatting errors that interfere with readability.


Object Removal

Media Creation