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The registration process

Each student and instructor should create a username and password by requesting an account. Go to Special:RequestAccount . When requesting an account please make sure you select EDUZENDIUM as a workgroup. This will help us track all Eduzendium participants' contributions. The account will be approved by a constable and if everything worked fine, you should get a confirmation email. If not, recontact the constables and check whether the email address you provided upon registration is correct. You may also try to retrieve your login information by clicking on Enter your username and then click "email password"

Creating and labeling Eduzendium articles

As of August 2009, this section is about to become obsolete as it is being semi-automated by means of {{R EZ}}, with another level of semi-automation via CZ:Eduzendium#Course setup wizard.

When creating articles, please note that Citizendium does not capitalize article titles except for words that are ordinarily capitalized when occurring in sentences. See CZ:Naming conventions for details.

There are two ways to create Eduzendium articles.

  • Create your article the easy way. Someone will eventually drop by and do the fancy stuff for you.
  • Create your article the fancy way.

Eduzendium article should eventually be marked as such by using the MediaWiki template {{EZnotice}}.

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