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Article-specific subpages are tab-navigable subpages (i.e. they show up in the standard subpages navigation bar at the top of each page in a cluster) which are not in the system-wide list of standard optional subpages (see Template:Subpage list); they therefore have to be specially configured in each article which uses them.

Up to three different additional article-specific subpages per article may be defined.


There is a system-wide list of available article-specific subpage name/types below. Pick a suitable one, or if no suitable one exists, add a new one, using the instructions there. The subpage name should not be longer than ONE word.

To add the article-specific subpage to the article, edit the Metadata page for that article;

  • edit the field "tab1 = " (or tab2, or tab3, as the case may be) to contain that name.

(Up to three different article-specific subpages can be designated at the moment. In some cases this line has to be added because it is not already offered by the template.) Save the Metadata, and go back to the article page.

Note that these subpages, like any other subpage which is part of a cluster, must have a {{subpages}} header in the first line for the subpage navigation bar to appear.


For technical reasons, we need to have a system-wide list of defined article-specific subpages. That list is currently here.

Before defining a new subpage type, it's probably worth dropping a line to the Forums to see what people think. Also, if you think this is a subpage type that might be reasonably widely used (on, say, 1% of all pages), it probably ought to be made a system-wide optional page; follow the directions at CZ:How to add a new subpage type.

Currently defined

  • Genres - Information on different genres of the article topic, eg video game.
  • Index - For an index to topics contained in the articles relating to a discipline orv workgroup.
  • Isotopes - Information on different isotopes of an element
  • Proofs - For (mathematical) proofs which are neither suitable for the main article, nor a /Tutorial or /Student Level subpage.
  • Quotations - For sourced quotations by notable people or from notable publications, incl. translations of non-English passages and links to online sources (if possible). For use especially in biographical articles and articles about works of art.
  • Setting - For the setting of video games.
  • Properties - For listing individual properties of specific subjects, particularly properties that might tend to clutter the article itself and not be useful to most readers. Triple point, Melting/Freezing point, electronegativity etc.

Defining a new article-specific subpage

First, pick a one-word name for the new subpage type. Add it to the list above (in alphabetic order, please), with a brief description of what it is for. (A full page describing it, linked to from the list, is nice, but not necessary.)

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