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CZ:Anthropology Workgroup/Priority list

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Developing Article Anthropology - needs some additions and clarifications of sub-disciplines


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As archaeology has its own workgroup, we will be collaborating with the authors and editors there on most if not all articles in this category.

Developing Article Archaeology - stub - needs lots of work

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Yaxchilan - Temple of the Mazes.JPG



Physical anthropology

Developing Article Physical anthropology - stub- needs work


Developing Article Genetics - good article needs to move towards approval

Forensic anthropology

Forensic anthropology

Cultural anthropology

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Many of these articles will be written in conjunction with the Sociology Workgroup.

Cultural anthropology


Stub Sociology - stub - needs lots of work

Linguistic anthropology

Many of these articles will be written in conjunction with the Linguistics Workgroup.

Developed Article Linguistic anthropology - good article needs to move towards approval

Nutritional anthropology

Nutritional Anthropology


Historical articles



Stub Primatology (Together with the Biology workgroup)

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Many of these articles will probably be written in conjunction with authors from the Archaeology and Geology Workgroups.


Stub Paleoanthropology- needs work

Famous fossils

Famous fossils

Fossil sites

Fossil sites

Historical archaeology at Champoeg townsite, Oregon 1973 CC-by-sa by John Atherton.jpg


Developed Article Taphonomy

Biographies of Anthropologists, Archeologists etc.

Please note - all individuals within the "lists" are considered "high priority". Individuals listed below each list are considered "very high priority" biographies by the editors - authors are encouraged to write these first.

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Lewis Leakey examining skulls from Olduvai Gorge.jpg
Margaret Mead, half-length portrait, facing right, reading book - World-Telegram photo by Edward Lynch - LOC LC-USZ62-120226.jpg

Key works

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Ethics and methodologies