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A list of key readings about C. Christine Fair.
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  • A. Tariq Karim and C. Christine Fair, Bangladesh at the Crossroads, United States Institute of Peace, 2007
  • C. Christine Fair and Peter Chalk, Fortifying Pakistan: The Role of U.S. Internal Security Assistance, United States Institute of Peace, 2007
  • "India and Iran: New Delhi's Balancing Act", The Washington Quarterly 30(3), 2007
  • "Militant Recruitment in Pakistan: A New Look at the Militancy-Madrasah Connection", Asia Policy 1(4), 2007
  • C. Christine Fair, ed., Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan (2001-2007), United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, 2007
  • C. Christine Fair and Peter Chalk, "United States Internal Security Assistance to Pakistan", Small Wars and Insurgencies 17(3), 2006
  • United States Institute of Peace, The Madrassah Challenge: Militancy and Religious Education in Pakistan (forthcoming),
  • Who Are Pakistan's Militants and Their Families?", Terrorism and Political Violence 20(1),