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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about C-130 Hercules.
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Parent topics

  • Transport aircraft [r]: Fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, or tilt-rotor aircraft whose primary role is moving people or cargo; they may be armed for self-protection [e]
  • Air assault [r]: Military operations in which infantry are carried by aircraft onto, or very near, the target, or by parachuting. The aircraft may be helicopters, tilt-rotor aircraft, short-landing transports, or, historically, gliders. [e]
  • Air refueling [r]: Transferring fuel from one aircraft to another while both are in flight. [e]
  • Lockheed Martin [r]: One of the largest U.S. aerospace and military manufacturing & services firms [e]
  • Tactical mobility [r]: A term that has evolved away from the concept of being able to move over any terrain (e.g., as characteristic of tracked vehicles such as tanks to vehicles that do not need advanced transportation infrastructures (e.g., bridges able to carry 70-ton tanks, heavy equipment transport trucks to save tread wear), can be lifted by medium or heavy helicopters, and can maneuver in relatively narrow streets [e]
  • United States Air Force [r]: Branch of the U.S. armed forces responsible for land-based aircraft, as well as land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles [e]




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