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British situation comedy/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about British situation comedy.
See also changes related to British situation comedy, or pages that link to British situation comedy or to this page or whose text contains "British situation comedy".

Parent topics

  • Comedy [r]: The art of entertaining with humour. [e]
  • Radio [r]: Transmission and reception of information, which can be voice, data or imagery over electromagnetic radiation in free space (i.e., wireless). The information is modulated onto a carrier wave [e]
  • Situation comedy [r]: A television or radio series based around a humorous storyline that places a recurring group of characters in comedic situations, usually based on exaggerations of day-to-day occurrences. [e]
  • Television [r]: Electronic transmission of moving pictures. [e]


Dates refer to the decade each programme is most closely associated with.






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