Bonzo's Montreux

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Bonzo's Montreux
Appears on Coda
Published by Flames of Albion Music
Registration ASCAP 320276500
Release date 19 November 1982
Recorded 12 September 1976 at
Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland.
Mixed at the Sol Studio, Cookham, Berkshire.
Genre Rock
Language English
Length 4 minutes 15 seconds
Composer John Bonham
Label Swan Song Records
Producer Jimmy Page
Engineer John Timperly

'Bonzo's Montreux' is a song by English rock group Led Zeppelin.


The song is a solo by drummer John Bonham, recorded on 12 September 1976 at Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland. Jimmy Page added the electronic effects afterwards.[1] The song was left unreleased until 1982, when it was included on the album Coda.

The song was also included on both of the band's boxed sets, released in the early 1990s. It was presented in a medley with Bonham's solo on 'Moby Dick' on the first boxed set in 1990, and as an individual track on the second boxed set in 1993. Although the version of Coda included on the career-spanning boxed set The Complete Studio Recordings featured the new songs that were released on the boxed set series, the 'Moby Dick'/'Bonzo's Montreux' medley (released on the first boxed set, in 1990) was omitted.

This is one of the few Led Zeppelin songs where it is possible to hear the squeak of John Bonham's bass drum pedal in the recording studio, the others being 'Since I've Been Loving You' from 1970's Led Zeppelin III, 'The Ocean' from 1973's Houses of the Holy, and 'Ten Years Gone' from 1975's Physical Graffiti.

'Bonzo's Montreux' was never performed live at Led Zeppelin concerts.[2]


  • Musicians:
    • Jimmy Page – electronic effects, producer, remastering, digital remastering
    • John Bonham - drums, percussion
  • Production:
    • Peter Grant – executive producer
    • John Timperly - engineer
    • Stuart Epps - engineer, mixing
    • Joe Sidore - original CD mastering engineer (mid-1980s)
    • George Marino - remastered CD engineer (1990)


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