Bane (novel)

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Author Joe Donnelly
Cover artist Peter A. Jones
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Horror
Genre Fiction
Publisher Barrie & Jenkins
Published November 1989
Pages 382
ISBN 9780712620932
OCLC 19740164

Bane is a 1989 horror novel by author Joe Donnelly. It was Donnelly's first attempt at horror writing. Bane revolves around a Scottish folklore and supernatural theme, expanded upon in his next novel, The Shee. Donnelly based his book on his own nightmares. He lives in Dumbarton, Scotland, near Loch Lomond.


Journalist Nick Ryan's return to his small home town of Arden deep in the Scottish Highlands coincides with a rash of tragic accidents. Drawn back to the tranquil town by forces he cannot comprehend, he is the victim of nightmares that seem all too real. Soon the town is cut off from the realities of 20th-century life, and Ryan runs into 'the watcher', who waits for a mysterious primeval being beneath Ardhmor rock to awaken. Gripped by its malevolent force, the town's inhabitants engage in murderous self-destruction, leaving only Ryan, accompanied by a ten year old girl and a brain damaged man, to stop it.