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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Arab Revolt (First World War).
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Politics, intelligence and covert action


Other related topics

  • House of Saud [r]: Current royal family of Saudi Arabia, whose first leader, Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud, took power in 1932; founded by Muhammad ibn Saud and associated with leadership of Wahhabism since 1744 [e]
  • Zionism [r]: The ideology that Jews should form a Jewish state in what is traced as the Biblical area of Palestine; there are many interpretations, including the boundaries of such a state and its criteria for citizenship [e]
  • Middle East agreements [r]: The wide range of public and secret correspondence, treaties, United Nations Security Council resolutions, announcements from high-level conferences and other negotiated approaches to stability in the Middle East. [e]
    • Sykes-Picot Agreement [r]: A 1916 secret agreement between France and Great Britain, with the consent of Russia, on the disposition of territories in the Ottoman Empire [e]
    • Balfour Declaration [r]: A 1917 declaration by the British Foreign Secretary stating that U.K. government, in principle, endorsed the idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine [e]