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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Anti-submarine warfare.
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Parent topics

  • Naval warfare [r]: The military history of the organized navies of the world from 300 BCE to the present. [e]
  • Submarine [r]: A ship or boat that can travel underwater [e]


  • Depth charge [r]: Early antisubmarine weapons consisting of a large explosive charge and a fuze that was set for a given depth; free-falling and formed a barrage with no guidance; later models had streamlined cases for faster sinking [e]
  • Destroyer [r]: While the definition has evolved constantly, it is a multipurpose surface warship, generally less powerful than a cruiser, with capabilities against ship, aircraft, submarine, land, and sometimes ballistic missile targets [e]
  • Direction finding [r]: Finding the location of an electromagnetic emitter, either by the crossed bearings from directional antennas from various known points, or by time of arrival or time difference of arrival of the signal at those points [e]
  • Geophysical MASINT [r]: A branch of measurement and signature intelligence that involves phenomena transmitted through the earth (ground, water, atmosphere) and manmade structures including emitted or reflected sounds, pressure waves, vibrations, and magnetic field or ionosphere disturbances. [e]
  • Operations research [r]: A set of quantitative techniques for optimum decisionmaking, often with uncertainty, which were first used to solve military operational problems [e]
  • Maritime patrol aircraft [r]: Very long range, usually land-based, aircraft optimized for sea surveillance, originally principally for anti-submarine warfare but often with anti-surface warfare capabilities; newer types also have land and littoral surveillance roles [e]
  • Ocean escort [r]: A warship with weapons and sensors to defend itself and ships near it, sturdy enough to operate in ocean conditions, but with only enough speed to escort merchant and military support ships, and usually not built to full warship standards of battle damage survivability [e]
  • Oceanography [r]: The scientific study of the oceans. [e]
  • Sonar [r]: A contraction of sound navigation and ranging, formally includes the active mode in which a pulse goes out and a receiver measures the echo. Also includes hydrophones or passive, listen-only systems. [e]
  • Torpedo [r]: A naval weapon that travels underwater, using its own propulsion, to attack its target, minimally with onboard mechanisms to keep it on a straight course. Modern torpedoes are underwater guided missiles that can track their target and adjust their course to hit it [e]

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