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Anti-aircraft artillery/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Anti-aircraft artillery.
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Parent topics

  • Air, artillery and missile defense [r]: An integrated approach to defending surface forces against all types of weapons that fly through the atmosphere or space; a radar may detect artillery shells, helicopters, or missiles, while a close-in gun may shoot down any of them [e]
  • Air defense artillery [r]: A combat arms branch of the United States Army, responsible for defending ground forces and the continental United States against aircraft and missile attack [e]
  • Cannon [r]: Sizable crew-served weapons, which fire projectiles through a tube called a barrel. [e]
    • Autocannon [r]: A magazine-fed cannon that will load and fire continuously until its magazine is empty. [e]


AAA types

Battles involving AAA

  • Battle of Britain [r]: Those German offensive air strikes, and British defense, with which the Germans had intended to establish air supremacy for their proposed invasion of Britain [e]
  • Battle of Los Angeles [r]: Peculiar occurrence of wartime hysteria experienced by the City of Angels in the early hours of February 25, 1942. [e]
  • Battle of Na San [r]: A successful yet modest 1952 operation conducted by French paratroopers, who seized a forward base, and, under optimal conditions, formed a rock of a defense against which Viet Minh smashed themselves. It may have set unrealistic expectations for Dien Bien Phu [e]
  • Battle of Okinawa [r]: The longest, bloodiest U.S. World War II battle in which the Japanese island of Okinawa was captured in the spring of 1945. [e]
  • Battle of Vinh Yen [r]: A battle of the Indochinese revolution, with disastrous results for the Viet Minh, who attacked French positions, without cover, in range of air attack and naval gunfire [e]
  • Battle of the Beams [r]: German attacks on Britain after the end of the Battle of Britain. [e]
  • Battle of the Philippine Sea [r]: An carrier battle between the U.S. and Japan in June 1944, called the "Great Marianas Turkey Shoot" due to the extremely heavy Japanese aircraft losses, marked the end of offensive Japanese capabilities, and gave the U.S. control of the islands from which the major B-29 bomber offensive against the Japanese Home Islands could be conducted [e]
  • Dien Bien Phu [r]: Site in northern Vietnam of a 1954 decisive battle that soon forced France to relinquish control of colonial Indochina. [e]
  • Operation DESERT STORM [r]: That part of the Gulf War, beginning with the first air strikes at 02:00 local time, 17 January 1991, until the main ground assault into Kuwait, Operation DESERT SABRE [e]
  • Operation ROLLING THUNDER [r]: Initial sustained U.S. air campaign against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam), based on a controversial model of retaliation and gradually increasing pressure rather than a short and intense campaign intended to destroy, not dissuade and punish [e]
  • Operation LINEBACKER I [r]: A U.S. bombing campaign targeted against the specific North Vietnamese infrastructure of the Ho Chi Minh trail, with the operational-level goal of interrupting the supply line to People's Army of Viet Nam conventional troops in the South. [e]
  • Operation LINEBACKER II [r]: The most intense air campaign of the Vietnam War, directed against North Vietnam to force it back to the Paris Peace Talks; a peace agreement was signed one month after the start of the 11 days of attacks [e]
  • South Vietnam's ground war, 1972-1975 [r]: That period during which South Vietnam fought North Vietnam without the assistance of U.S. ground troops [e]

Other related topics

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  • Airborne Warning and Control System [r]: An airplane that carries early warning radars, possibly weapons control radars, and communications to link it with combat aircraft and ground facilities. It may have an onboard battle staff, or link to a staff on the ground. [e]
  • Aircraft carrier [r]: A warship designed to launch and recover combat aircraft and aircraft that support military operations [e]