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Andy Worthington

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Andy Worthington is a British historian and journalist.[1] He has published three books, and been published in numerous publications.[2] Worthington is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.[3]

His most recent book is The Guantanamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America's Illegal Prison.[4] Following its publication in October 2007, Worthington has published articles supplementing the information in his book, to track new developments. Michelle Shephard, author of Guantanamo's child, when summing up other books on Guantanamo, described his book as: "Perhaps the single most important book to cover the big picture of Guantanamo"[5] Stephen Grey, the author of Ghost Plane, writing in The New Statesman, called the book: "a powerful, essential and long-overdue piece of research".[6]

Worthington has made numerous radio and television appearances as a commentator on Guantanamo since the publication of the book.[7]

His two earlier books were: Stonehenge: Celebration & Subversion[8] and The Battle of the Beanfield.[9] The first book concerns modern celebrations at the ancient astronomical site, and the differing interpretations of modern celebrants. The second book concerns a large confrontation between police and new age celebrants traveling to Stonehenge on 1 June 1985.

Worthington recently wrote on the interrogation, as a "ghost prisoner", of Ibn Sheikh al-Libi, who was a major source of the information used to justify the Iraq War based on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. He claims the information was coerced under torture.


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