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Albert Wohlstetter/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Albert Wohlstetter.
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Parent topics

  • Military strategy [r]: The highest-level national concept of the use of pure military power, inlcluding setting the composition of the military and its deployment; high-level regional objectives in war; military research and setting military production priorities [e]
  • Deterrence [r]: A set of policies and actions that prevent an opponent from taking an undesired action [e]
  • RAND Corporation [r]: Among the oldest of think tanks, established by the fledgling United States Air Force to provide alternate perspectives on its concepts; now broadened to working on an extremely wide range of politicomilitary and social issues [e]
  • Roberta Wohlstetter [r]: (1912-2007) U.S. strategic analyst, on the staff of the RAND Corporation; author of definitive text Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision; spouse of Albert Wohlstetter [e]
  • Arms control [r]: Treaties and implementation agreements to restrict the development, production, deployment, or transfer of specified weapons or weapons technologies. [e]


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