Ahmed Said al-Khadr

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Ahmed Said al-Khadr (1948-?), who is still listed as wanted but may have been killed in Pakistan in 2003, was a founding member of al-Qaeda, involved in finance and logistics. Egyptian by birth and with residency in Canada, he is also known as Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Kanadi, Abu Abdelrahman al-Kanadi, Ahmad Said al-Khadr, Ahmad Said al Kadr, Ahmad Said Alkadr amd Ahmad Sa'id al Khadr.[1]

He operated an apparent front organization in Canada. In 1995, he was arrested in Pakistan for suspected involvement in an Islamic Jihad bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan,[2] "but he was released several months later after pressure from the Canadian government. After returning to Canada, Khadr ran his own non-profit organization, Health and Education Projects International (HEPI), and allegedly used the money he raised to help fund the Khaldan training camp in Afghanistan." [3]

After the 9-11 attack, the U.S. froze his financial assets. [2]