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The Addicts
Years active 1962–1968
Status Defunct
Origin Widnes
Music genre(s) Rhythm and blues, pop music
Members Geoff Keeley
Steve Duggan
Paul Nash (1962-1963)
Dennis Keely
Denny O’Neill (1963-1968)

The Addicts were a beat group formed as a four-piece in Widnes, Lancashire, very close to Liverpool, in 1962. Their line-up consisted of the following musicians: Geoff Keeley (vocals and rhythm guitar), Steve Duggan (lead guitar and vocals), Paul Nash (bass guitar and vocals), and Dennis Keeley (drums)

For the two Keeley brothers it was their first group, while Steve Duggan and Paul Nash had formerly performed with another group, the Cadillacs (formerly known as Rocky Stone & the Pebbles), who had been popular locally as one of the pioneering groups in Widnes and its surrounding area. The Addicts with their 'new sound' went the same successful way and became one of the busiest quartets and very soon had an appreciable following. In spite of this they made only rare appearances in the city centre of Liverpool and its numerous clubs.

Paul Nash departed from the band in late 1963, and his replacement was Denny O'Neill, who came from another local group. Nothing is documented about any particular agency or management for the Addicts and so it is quite unusual that they were signed up to Decca Records in 1963. In the following year they had their first single out with the Geoff Keeley penned 'That's My Girl', backed with 'Here She Comes', also an original number. The record received some positive critical reviews in the music press and opened the door for the Addicts to tour the national club circuit as professionals, but in the end the record did not do enough to storm into the charts. The quartet persisted in gigging around England but still didn't perform often in Liverpool. Their only appearance at The Cavern was in November 1964.

The Addicts were never given a second single by Decca and no other recording contract was signed elsewhere but they did manage to earn a living out of their music, until they split up around 1968. Steve Duggan and Denny O'Neill dropped out of the scene while Geoff Keeley and Dennis 'Snowy' Keeley joined the Michael Henry Group in 1968.