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Abed Hamed Mowhoush was an Iraqi major general, under Saddam Hussein. Mowhoush was captured in November 2003, and died while undergoing interrogation in December 2003. His interrogators believed that Mowhoush had knowledge about the role of Ba'ath Party leadership in the Iraqi resistance. The autopsy report designated the death a homicide, secondary to asphyxia and chest compression.[1] The defense claimed his interrogators were given conflicting orders and was not properly trained in the methods used.

Originally, the lead interrogator, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Lewis E. Welshofer Jr., and three other soldiers were charged with murder in Mowhoush's death, and Welshofer faced the possibility of life in prison. He was fined but received no prison time [2]

Trial of interrogators

During the trial, one witness spoke behind a curtain, but his testimony revealed that he was affiliated with the Central Intelligence Agency; it was unclear if he was an employee or contractor. The lead interrogator was convicted of negligent homicide. [3] The CIA interrogator was assisted by Iraqi assets from a group called the Scorpions. The Washington Post reported he had received a reprimand; his attorney argued that he had been ordered to use harsh techniques and had received conflicting orders. [4]


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